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FPImages travel photography blog and photo gallery is subdivided in 8 travel photo categories. Travel destinations category includes travel images with beautiful pictures from popular tourist destinations. Famous landmarks photo gallery is a collection of images and travel photo stories showcasing details of urban and rural landscape and life.
Travel and Food, Farms and Markets category is a gallery that covers food related subjects: restaurant and street food, farms and farmers markets around the world. Off the Beaten Path category is a collection of travel stories to the destinations that are not obvious but will still delight adventurous travelers. Nature travel photography includes beautiful landscapes, pictures of flowers, sunrise and sunset pictures. Parades and festivals, events travel photo stories describe activities that are great for travel photography – colorful and spectacular. Travel photo ideas has suggestions and tips for taking pictures in a variety of condition and places when it is hard to find subject matter or special techniques are required: taking abstract images, black and white pictures, photos of rare cars, industrial objects and machines. Things to do travel photo collection has pictorial suggestions of travel activities and places to see in popular vacation destinations.
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