sailing ships Sagres, Kruzenstern and Europa at the start of tall ships race in Halifax

Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge 2009

Halifax, NS, Canada


All of the photos in this series were taken during Tall Ships Halifax 2009. It was the start of the Atlantic Challenge Race’s last leg from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, to Belfast, Ireland. This was also one of the best tall ships gatherings in years. This race was a joint venture between Sail Training International and Tall Ships America, the official site of Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge 2009.

Yacht Concordia under full sail, free image
Sailing Vessel Concordia
Barque Sagres II tallship sailing
Sagres belongs to the Portuguese Navy and is a sistership to US Coast Guard Eagle Built 1937, Germany Length: 89.00 m Beam: 12.00 m Sails: 2,000 sq.m

Since Halifax was the last port in North America before crossing over to Europe, it attracted more sailing ships than other ports in the race. Local hospitality was an important factor, too; many sailing vessels remembered their good experience in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and readily agreed to come this time as well. It is very important for tall ships to have good support. At the end of the race, some repairs are usually due, ships need to replenish their supplies and give their crew needed break before crossing the Atlantic.

This was, of course, an excellent opportunity for taking nautical photos. Nautical photos are always unique and spectacular and make excellent desktop backgrounds. These types of travel images can be used as artworks for home or office decorations and using new printing technology made into window curtains or wallpaper.

Barque Kruzenstern with broken fore mast in full sail
One of the largest sailing ships in the world. The black hull is a unique feature of this vessel. Built 1926, Germany Length: 114.40 m Beam: 14.02 m Sails: 3,400 sq.m
Schooner Etoile sailing boat view from aft
Etoile has a sistership Belle Poule. Vessels are training ships for the French Navy. Built 1932, France Length: 37.50 m Beam: 7.40 m Sails: 425 sq.m

The weather was great during the event, and a massive number of visitors roamed the waterfront. People were able to go on board, see, touch, smell, and feel the magic of a tall ship. The Grande finale was the Parade of Sail. The layout of Halifax harbor and waterfront is perfect for viewing the Parade of Sail and taking sailing photos. There was plenty of space to accommodate every spectator, and ships could easily maneuver close to the stands.

RFA Largs Bay steaming large navy ship
Largs Bay is an auxiliary vessel in the Royal Navy. Sailing past her is Cisne Branco. Built 2006, UK Length: 176.60 m Beam: 26.40 m
HMS Bounty II old wooden tall ship replica at the parade
HMS Bounty offers charters, excursions, and sail training. Built 1960, Canada Length: 54.90 m Beam: 9.15 m Sails: 425 sq.m
Tall Ship Barque Europa
Built 1911, Germany Length: 56.40 m Beam: 7.45 m Sails: 1,250 sq.m
USCG Barque Eagle sailing in the harbor
Eagle is a sail training vessel for the US Coast Guard. Built 1936, Germany Length: 90.00 m Beam: 11.91 m Sails: 2,070 sq.m
Barque Cisne Branco, ships pictures, in the transatlantic race sailing
Full-rigged ship sailing training ship for Brazilian naval schools cadets. Built 1999, Netherlands Length: 74.00 m Beam: 10.00 m Sails: 2,195 sq.m
Schooner Harvey Gamage leaving harbor
Schooner provides sail training programs at Ocean Classroom Foundation Built 1973, USA Length: 40.00 m Beam: 7.32 m Sails: 465 sq.m
Schooner Capitan Miranda at Parade
Parade of Sail in Halifax harbor. Training vessel for officers of Uruguayan Navy. Built 1930, Spain Length: 60.20 m Beam: 8.00 m Sails: 722 sq.m

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