Living Desert Botanical Garden: Come Close to Nature

Chihuahuan Sage flowers

Chihuahuan Sage bush in full bloom

Palm Desert, California, USA

The Living Desert was formed in 1970 to help preserve the Palm Desert and maintain the balance of the desert ecosystem. Founded by several trustees of the Palm Springs Desert Museum, this place has a zoo and botanical garden that brings visitors all year round. It is popular with kids mostly, but adults also enjoy this place for the trails and nicely preserved desert surroundings of the Palm Desert.

Desert Marigold at Living Desert Garden
Desert Marigold – Baileya Multiradiata
Bright Pink Flowers of Peaches & Cream Sage
Peaches & Cream Sage Blooming with Pink Flowers

One visit to the Living Desert Botanical Garden will leave you spellbound with a host of plants to see. Most of the plants are the species of the Colorado Desert of southeastern California. You may find a wide variety of North American plants like Baja Fairy Duster, Calico Hedgehog, Strawberry Hedgehog, California Sagebrush, Coastal Agave, Coyote Melon, Desert Baccharis, Desert Milkweed, Elephant Tree, Flattop Buckwheat, etc.

There are many species of African plants as well like African Ocotillo, Kokerboom, Quiver Tree, and Umbrella Thorn. You can also find a wide variety of Agave at this botanical garden, including Agave Americana, Agave angustifolia, Agave aurea, Agave ‘Blue Flame’ to name a few. The foothills of Sonora Garden are blooming with different varieties of Acacia, Agave, Albizia, Ambrosia, Brickellia, Caesalpinia, Calliandra, etc.

Several Honey Pod Mesquites
Honey Pod Mesquites – Native to Colorado Desert
Valley Cholla Shrub
Valley Cholla- A Common Shrub in California

Visit the Living Desert botanical garden at Palm Springs to see the fantastic creation of nature.

Purple Flowers of Mexican Chihuahuan Sage
Purple Flowers of Chihuahuan Sage Found in Mexico
Baja Fairy Duster with Red Flowers
Bright Red Flowers on Baja Fairy Duster
Flowers on Desert Cassia
Desert Cassia With Brilliant White Flowers
Brown Spine Prickly Pear at Living Desert
Brown Spine Prickly Pear Adorned with Magenta Buds

Living Desert plants and flowers photo gallery

Photo of Beaver Tail Cactus
Desert Plant – Beaver Tail
Fan Palm with Dried Leafs
Fan Palm at Living Desert Palm Springs
Desert Fuchsia with Flowers
Beautiful Flowers of Desert Fuchsia
Picture of Wild Grapes
Wild Grapes Growing in Botanical Garden
Tall Cardon in the Living Desert
Cardon Towering Upto the Sky
Lush Green Feather Bush
Feather Bush Growing besides Bench in Garden
Photo of California Sycamore
Broad Leafs of California Sycamore
Sleek and Tall Cactus
Cactus- The Best Plant in Desert
Mexican Fence Post in the Botanical Garden
Mexican Fence Post Standing Tall
Totem Pole at Living Desert Palm Springs
Unusual Shape of Totem Pole
Hecho- A Common Sight in Desert
Hecho with Spines on the Edges
Cactus Blooming with Beautiful Flowers
Cactus With Spines and Contrasting Flowers
Indian Blanket Flower at Garden
Mesmerizing Indian Blanket Flower
Beautiful Red Bird Of Paradise
Red Bird Of Paradise Featuring Bright Colors
Picture of Autumn Sage at Botanical Garden
Beautiful Flowers of Autumn Sage at Living Desert Botanical Garden
Desert Willow at Garden
Lavender Flowers of Desert Willow

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