old cannon and Annapolis river at historic fort

Nova Scotia Attractions visit historic Fort Anne

Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada


One of the oldest famous landmarks in Canada Fort Anne must be on everyone’s list of things to do in Nova Scotia. French explorers founded Port Royal and fought many battles with the British over this piece of land. Annapolis Royal is a beautiful small town and is easy to get to from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Spring is an excellent season to visit Nova Scotia attractions in this area such as botanical gardens, hiking trails, whale watching, and bird watching. Most historic sites and parks open around May 15. FPImages compiled a photo gallery of Fort Anne images in this post.

Officers quarters building, museum Fort Anne
Historic Fort Anne, Nova Scotia attractions
Spring at Fort Anne green earthworks, Vauban fort
Fort Anne earthworks and North mountain in the spring

Historic Fort Anne is definitely a famous landmark in Canada. This place was founded by French explorers as Port Royal and was the capital of Acadia. There are lots of Acadian heritage artifacts everywhere in Nova Scotia. Fort Anne displays great engineering and architectural work done with earth mounds and stone walls fortifying this citadel. French engineer Vauban is credited with the design of the fort. The grounds of this landmark are in good shape and there is a long walk along the walls and the bank of the Annapolis River.

The architecture of the officer’s quarter fits nicely into the surrounding landscape. This old building, which is a museum,  takes you back in time and demonstrates how little people had in those days. Walk around it and feel the history. You can take lots of great pictures of buildings here if you are into architectural photography. In any case, you will be able to capture very beautiful landscapes at Fort Anne for your photo gallery. Rolling green hills, Annapolis river, and North mountain all look great in the spring. For example, hardwood stands and softwood patches are clearly visible on the mountain slopes in spring. There are some hiking trails with waterfalls nearby.

 powder magazine
The powder magazine old stone building, Nova Scotia famous landmarks
stone and earth architecture of Fort Anne, Vauban design
Earth and stone walls of Fort Anne, Annapolis Royal

Photography tips for famous landmarks:

1. Plan a trip and try to capture morning or evening light, sunrise and sunset are best.

Officers quarters building
historic fort anne old cannon and Annapolis river
Old cannon aimed at Annapolis river, Fort Anne

2. If the skies are grey compose your spring image without them.

3. Have a wide-angle lens, get close to the subject, and remember the rule of thirds.

French symbol - fleur-de-lis
Fleur de Lys symbol – French explorers founded Port Royal
Fort Anne memorial to Samuel Vetch
Memorial plaque to Samuel Vetch

4. Clearly identify the subject of your photo, it does not have to be in the center of your composition, but it has to be in focus.


historic monument to French explorer- Pierre du Gua de Monts
Pierre du Gua de Monts monument to French explorer
historic officers quarters museum
officers quarters under dramatic skies
Daniel Auger de Subercase was last French defender of the fort
Memorial sign to last French commander of the fort – Daniel Auger de Subercase
Golden coat of arms, officers quarters building detail
Entrance to officers quarters building
Nova Scotia attractions - museum at officers quarters, fort Anne
Fort Anne officers quarters museum , Nova Scotia attractions

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