Tropical shopping plaza at Puerto Maya in Cozumel, Mexico

Cruise ship port Cozumel offers great gift ideas


Cozumel is an island located a short distance from mainland Mexico’s Cancun. The island is less developed and less crowded. It has many beautiful beaches. Visitors can enjoy snorkeling or diving tours or simply relax on the beach.

Large cruise ships docking at Puerto Maya Terminal, Mexico

Puerto Maya is Cozumel’s cruise port and is frequented by many cruise lines. The tours around the island are all focused on nature – seeing wildlife, exploring coral reefs, hidden caves, buggy dunes tours, yacht tours etc.

Carnival Liberty at the pier in Cozumel, Mexico

There are two docks where cruise ships make a stop. The pier to the north is closer to the town center. The southern terminals are out of town, and you must take a cab. However, tourist plazas around these terminals have excellent gift shops and bars.

Gift shops with many ideas to bring back home – bags, hats, towels, cigars and liquor, to name a few
History and explanations of the Aztec calendar – The Sun Stone, discovered in Mexico City
The bright yellow and blue architecture of the shops

Cruise Port Puerto Maya shopping plaza photos


Native Aztec art accents at the Purto Maya terminal in Mexico
Tourists shops are ready for the Christmas season

Xmas tree decor at the shopping plaza in Cozumel
Colorful tables cloths are unique and special gift ideas
Metal donkey street decoration near the gift shop
Mexican silver jewelry represents excellent value and makes a great gift
Bright and colorful puzzles -gifts for kids
Mexico sombreros is one of the most popular gift ideas
Colorful jewelry store at the Puerto Maya, Mexico
Silver jewelry display with an Aztec figurine
The seller in the gift shop in a traditional lace dress
Mexico sombreros is one of the most popular gift ideas
Bright and colorful puzzles -gifts for kids
Heavy weight t-shirts and bags gift shop at Plaza Maya, Cozumel, Mexico
Handy reminder about your ship’s departure time by the bar
Puerto Maya cruise terminal in Cozumel, Mexico

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