Cruise ship at anchor outside of Belize City port

Cruise port of call Belize City – popular cruise stop that is close to nearby attractions

Belize City is the largest city and a popular cruise port in Belize, a small Central American country with a rich cultural and natural heritage. Belize City is located on the east coast of Belize, facing the Caribbean Sea. Cruise ships anchor about 2 miles from the shore and use tender boats to transport passengers to the Fort Street Tourism Village, a gated area with shops, restaurants and services. From there, cruise passengers can explore Belize City’s colonial architecture and historical landmarks or take excursions to nearby attractions such as Mayan ruins, tropical forests, wildlife reserves and coral reefs. Belize City offers a variety of activities for cruise visitors, from cultural tours to adventure sports.

Welcome to Belize poster with the famous Blue Hole

Top excursions of Belize City cruise port:

Colorful buses and horse carts waiting for cruise ship passengers

1. Xunantunich: A Mayan archaeological site about 80 miles west of Belize City. It features a giant pyramid, several temples and palaces, and a museum with artifacts and information about the ancient civilization.

Marine terminal for a water taxi to San Pedro, Belize

2. Altun Ha: Another Mayan site about 30 miles north of Belize City. It was once a major trading and ceremonial center, with two main plazas and several structures and monuments. One of the most famous discoveries at Altun Ha is the jade head of the sun god Kinich Ahau, which is now displayed at the Belize Museum.

Explanation of Ancient Mayan Glyphs

3. Lamanai: A third Mayan site about 60 miles north of Belize City. It is situated on the banks of the New River Lagoon, and it has a long history of occupation from the Preclassic to the Postclassic periods. It has over 100 buildings, including temples, palaces, stelae and masks.

Wooden Mayan pole at the tourist village in Belize city port

4. Belize Zoo: A wildlife sanctuary that houses over 170 animals native to Belize, such as jaguars, tapirs, monkeys, crocodiles and birds. It is located about 30 miles west of Belize City and offers visitors educational and conservation programs.

Belize city street vendor of tropical fruits

5. Caye Caulker: A small island off the coast of Belize City, accessible by water taxi or flight. It is a popular destination for snorkeling, diving, fishing and relaxing on the sandy beaches. It has a laid-back vibe and a friendly community of locals and tourists.

Street seller opening a fresh coconut
Smiling artist carving wooden souvenirs in Belize City

6. Ambergris Caye: The largest island in Belize, also reachable by water taxi or flight. It is home to San Pedro, a bustling town with shops, restaurants and nightlife. It is also the gateway to the Belize Barrier Reef, the second-largest coral reef system in the world. It offers stunning underwater scenery and marine life for divers and snorkelers.

Belize City Cruise Port is a tender port that requires passengers to take a boat ride from their ship to the shore. The tender operation usually takes about 20 minutes each way. The cruise terminal has basic facilities and amenities for passengers, such as restrooms, ATM machines, Wi-Fi access and tourist information. The local currency is the Belizean dollar, but US dollars are widely accepted. The official language is English, but Spanish and Creole are also spoken. The climate is tropical and humid, with average temperatures ranging from 75°F to 86°F throughout the year.

Belize fishermen and their boats
Fresh produce at the local grocer in Belize
Friendly and smiling disabled local in Belize City

Belize City center photo gallery


Drugstore in Belize city, street scene


Wooden carvings artist in the streets of Belize City


Bar offering local Belize beers (Belikin and Lighthouse Lager) and soft drinks at the marine terminal
Small fishing boats in Belize City harbor
Belize Harbor is home to many fishing boats
Belize harbor and a small bridge near the fishing port
Authentic Belize gift – Marie Sharp’s hot sauce
Belizean gift shops near the cruise terminal
Belize city government building architecture
Beautiful architecture and colors of a private house in Belize City
Typical house in Belize City center
Colonial Architecture in Belize City
Clock tower and intricate old iron stairs in Belize
Belize coast guard boat and its crew
Tourists waiting for the tender at the bar
The Wet Lizard Bar – husband day care center
Belizean humor – No working during drinking hours
Cruise ship passengers at the tender terminal
Tourists sitting on board the tender to go to the cruise ship

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