Valley of Fire state park, Nevada

Valley of Fire true gem among Nevada State Parks, 20 landscape pictures

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Valley of Fire State Park is a  true gem and one of the oldest among Nevada state parks.  Visit Valley of Fire and you will find other famous Nevada attractions such as Las Vegas and Hoover Dam nearby. Planning a road trip from Las Vegas to Valley of Fire is easy – it is less than one hour drive north on I-15. On the way, you will enjoy the expansive landscapes of the Mojave Desert and the surrounding mountains. Beautiful landscapes are waiting to be photographed especially at times of sunset and sunrise.

Road winding across Valley of Fire state park
Famous Elephant Rock in the Valley of Fire state park

Valley of Fire is a desert landscape that possesses breathtaking beauty and is off the beaten path. Mojave desert nature is timeless and has stood majestically for many generations.  As indicated by the name, this Nevada state park is characterized by brilliantly colored red, orange, and maroon sandstone rocks. Nature worked for millions of years to create this unusual desert landscape. Erosion by wind and water weathered the mountains and unusual, crude, and jagged sandstone rocks were formed. These beautiful rock formations draw many hikers, nature lovers, and photographers to Valley of Fire State Park. Nature photography is one of the main activities in the park.

The Valley of Fire Nevada State Park has typical desert climate conditions, with hot summers and mild winters. The area receives very little precipitation. The fall and spring welcome many tourists to the area, who enjoy camping, hiking, and taking landscape pictures. Spring is also the best time to see desert plants at their best – with green leaves and blossoms. Fall is usually very dry and most desert plants go into hibernation mode.  A contrast to the bright lights of Las Vegas strip, this park offers an incredible experience of natural and scenic beauty.

The amazing structure of Elephant rock in red stone
Erosion of Red Sandstone
Incredible Red Stone Weathered Rock Face

Valley of Fire impressive shapes of the sandstone rocks appear in different forms to the imagination of each visitor. One of the most recognizable rocks appears near the park information center and is known as elephant rock. The intricate, yet impressive elephant rock is the subject of many beautiful landscapes, as many tourists capture this remarkable desert landscape with their cameras. A photo of an elephant rock can be used as a desktop wallpaper or fine art photography print.

Photography tips for landscape photography:

Valley of Fire Various Rocks Colors
Expansive Desert Landscape of Valley of Fire, Nevada
Rock Shapes in the Valley
Amazing Red Rock Erosion by wind and water

1. Arrive at sunset or sunrise to get the best lighting.

2. Set the aperture appropriately for full control of the depth of the field.

Large Hole in Red Sandstone rock
Sandstone opening carved out by time and weather
Looking through the rock
Closer image of the sandstone opening

3. Use a tripod or support camera in low light situations and if you use bracketing modes for high dynamic range photos.

4. Having a wide-angle lens will allow dramatic shots, do not be lazy; move around to get a different perspective of the subject of your nature photo.

Brightly Colored Sandstones against blue sky
Brilliant Red Colors of Rocks and Eroded Texture
Distinct Rocks Shaped by the Erosion
Amazing Rock Formations and mountains in the background

5. A macro lens will be indispensable for taking pictures of delicate desert plants.

6. Finally remember to check the lens for dust (this is the desert after all) or condensation, especially in the morning.

Layers of Sandstone Erosion
A detailed abstract picture of sandstone erosion
Close-up of the Stone Surface
The weathered sandstone rock surface
Desert Landscape of the Park
Panoramic View of the Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada
Desert Plants in the Valley, brittle bush
Desert Plants – Brittle Bush ( Encelia farinosa) Growing in the Spring, Mojave Desert
Picture of Desert Burro Bush
Mojave desert native -white bursage or burro bush (Ambrosia dumosa )
Small Succulent Plant with hairy leaves, mojave desert
Small Succulent Plant Trying to Grow in Tough Terrain
Road Accorss the Picturesque Valley of Fire mountains
Scenic Beauty of the Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada
Impressive sandstone Rock Formations at Nevada State Park
Natural Red Sandstone Rocks at Valley of Fire
The feature rock formation of the Valley of Fire park is Elephant rock

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