The Mission Inn entrance with decorations for Festival of Lights

Don’t Miss Festival of Lights at the Mission Inn during Christmas season


The Festival of Lights in Riverside, California, is an annual tradition. The Mission Inn makes a considerable effort to decorate the exterior and interior of the hotel.

Nutcracker on top of bright red drums
Red and green figures decorating the Mission Inn

The festival is free for the general public and is a way to connect and give back to the community. The Mission Inn takes a whole city block, and each side of the building shines with Christmas decorations.

The Christmas lights are everywhere. Also, there are many fairy tale Christmas characters, Santa Claus with his sleigh and reindeer.

Fairy tale figures on the balcony above the main entrance
(Three blind mice)
Various fairy tale characters decorate the exterior of the hotel.

Every palm tree has many lights, the trunk, the crown – everywhere you look; there are Christmas lights. Various Christmas themes are elegantly selected and displayed.

Visitors can enjoy the Mission Inn Festival of Lights from the comfort of beautiful horse-drawn carriages. Carriages themselves are a piece of art and are brightly lit with lights as well.

Fairy tale character at the Inn
Santa Claus and reindeer near the chimney

There is more to explore inside the hotel lobby. The Christmas tree and fireplace are all there for the people to enjoy.

Santa climbing the chimney at Mission Inn, Riverside
Christmas decor and various figures on the Mission Inn building
Numerous Nutcrackers on the balconies of the hotel
People entering the Festival of Lights courtyard at the Mission Inn
Christmas lights at the Mission Inn, Riverside
Snowflakes and Xmas Tree at the Festival of Lights
Palm trees with Christmas lights and Santa’s sleigh
Rain and reflections of the decorated palm trees
Xmas lights and reflections create a unique ambiance
Grand Entrance with many Christmas Lights
Horse-drawn carriage with lots of Christmas lights.
A beautiful horse ride in Riverside is romantic and festive
Festival of Light carriages circle the Inn
Magical Xmas lights and a carriage with lights

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