Welcoming sign to the Koziar's Christmas Village in Bernville, PA

Visit Koziar’s Christmas Village in Pennsylvania and enjoy holiday spirit

Christmas Village road, Bernville, PA


If you’re looking for a magical place to celebrate the holidays, look no further than Koziar’s Christmas Village. This destination is a wonderland of lights, decorations, and festive spirit that will make you feel like you’re in a fairy tale.

Santa Clause in the museum at Christmas Village
Three snowmen and lots of Christmas lights

Koziar’s Christmas Village Photo Gallery

Koziar’s Christmas Village is located in Bernville, Pennsylvania, and has delighted visitors since 1948. It started as a small display of lights on the family farm and has grown into a massive attraction that covers over 15 acres and features more than one million lights.

Retro Santa figure and sleigh on display at the museum
Santa figure greeting visitors at the village

You can explore the village and see the different themed areas, such as Santa’s Workshop, Christmas in the Jungle, and Toyland Train. You can also enjoy shopping, food, and entertainment at the various shops and stalls.

Koziar’s Christmas Village is open from November to January and must-see for anyone who loves Christmas. Whether you go with your family, friends, or a special someone, you’ll have a memorable experience that will warm your heart and fill you with joy.

Baby Jesus in the Manger display at the Christmas Village
Nativity scene at one of the installations

Koziar’s Christmas Village is a beautiful destination for the whole family to enjoy the festive season.

Things to do in Koziar’s Christmas Village:

Candy cane and Christmas lights
People line to Santa’s Headquarters

1. Marvel at the dazzling displays of over one million lights illuminating the village and its surroundings.

2. Explore the various attractions, such as Santa’s headquarters, the toy shop, the train museum, the bakery, and more.

Joy is the spirit of Christmas cozy sign
Seasons Greetings from three penguins

3. Shop for unique gifts and souvenirs at the Christmas Barn or the Gift Haus.

4. Warm up with hot chocolate or cider at the refreshment stand or the outdoor fire pit.

Happy Holidays sign and its reflection in a lake at night
Charming farmhouse full of bright and colorful Christmas lights

5. Create lasting memories with your loved ones at this magical place.

Koziar’s Christmas Village is close to major metropolitan areas of Baltimore, Philadelphia and New Jersey, New York.

Christmas tree decoration with lights
Christmas characters with lots of lights are everywhere

There is plenty of parking, just make sure to get there on time, as there will be a lineup of cars to get in. Another tip is to have some cash on hand, as a cash line is much faster than debit/credit.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the magic of Koziar’s Christmas Village!

Christmas lights reflection in the pond
Millions of lights make Koziar’s Christmas Village a magical experience
Happy New Year and Christmas tree lights reflecting on the water


Christmas Village toy railroad is a true delight
Santa climbing the chimney with presents
Beautiful Christmas lights and model railroad
Snowflakes and Koziar’s Christmas Village Lights
Santa figure and Koziar’s Christmas Village sign make a great photo opportunity.
Little gnomes with toys wishing Merry Christmas to visitors
Smiling snowman figure with lights

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