delicate ferns at Descanso gardens

Descanso Gardens Pasadena- Come Closer to Nature

La Canada, Flintridge, CA, USA


Step into the Descanso Gardens and one will be transported to a world of greenery and groves of trees. The garden is home to several varieties of trees and lovely flowers including camellias. Easily accessible from Los Angeles, many nature enthusiasts and children prefer to come here to spend their leisure afternoons and weekends. Renowned worldwide, tourists all over the world make sure that the garden is on their must-visit list of places in Los Angeles.

A Fountain Spurting Water, Descanso Gardens California
A Flower Shaped Fountain Blends Delightfully with the Setting
Gaden iron bench
An Intricately Detailed Bench with Curved Legs

Acres of land colored by rolling greens, extensive groves of trees, and stunning water features, no wonder the area is reputed as a major botanical garden. This unique place offers visitors a wonderful experience in beholding and cherishing the scenic beauty and the extensive collection of flora that is treasured as the botanical garden. People coming here get a glimpse of the rare and precious natural splendor that the Descanso Gardens offers in contrast to the busy city life.

The Descanso Gardens in California presents an ambiance of tranquility and peace. This charming place is an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The rosarium, the Japanese garden, and the assorted flowers here are indeed memorable. The well-maintained walkways in the garden enable the visitors to enjoy the expansive views and magnificence of the Descanso botanical garden collection. Take a trip to this garden and take delight in this enchanting place.

The Beautiful Cast Iron Gazebo Dome of the Structure Partially Covered in Vines
A Stunning Garden Structure at Descanso Gardens
Cast Iron Garden Chair
An Ornate Chair placed near a Garden Feature
Place to Enjoy a Great View of the Garden from the Bench
A Charming Bench Shaded by the Structure Dome
Two Benches under the Cool Shadows of a Tree in Descanso Gardens Pasadena
The Expansive Network of Branches of a Magnificent Tree


Image of a Fence Held Together by a Rope Knot
A Rural Fence Held Together by a Rope
A Gentle Stream Shaded by the Trees
Water Streams Trickling through Rocks
Botanical Garden Path under Tree Shade
Perfect Place for a Refreshing Stroll along the Path
Vine with White Flowers Climbing on a White Post
Lovely White Flowers Growing over a Garden Structure
Photo of Seating Area Arranged Outside a Building
White Table and Matching Chairs Contrasting the Red Umbrella
Elegant Fountain Trickling Water in the Descanso Gardens
Four Tiered Fountain outside the White Painted Building
Reflection of a Japanese Bridge
Japanese Bridge in the Descanso Gardens
Picture of Red Japanese Bridge
Red Colored Japanese Arch Bridge at the Botanical Garden
Japanese Garden Sculpture
Beautiful Garden Structure like an Open Flower
Fish-shaped water fountains
Fish Shaped Fountains in the Middle of a Lake
Image of Wooden Trellis Supporting the Gourdes
Vegetable Hanging through the Open Roof
Arches with Thick Vines Growing on Them
Green Vines Sheltering the Walkways at Descanso Gardens Pasadena
Ripples Emerging from the Fountain
Lively Ripples on the Water Surface

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