IBM industry solutions center in La Gaude, France

LED lights with deep blue color

Neon blue lights at the entrance to IBM industry solutions center

La Gaude, France

La Gaude is situated in the south of France near beautiful Cote D’Azur. This small town of about 7,000 boasts an IBM high technology laboratory. It is an innovation center that is dedicated to providing dedicated business solutions and expertise. The building itself is an architectural gem and is protected. It was designed and built in 1970s by famous architect Marcel Breuer.

modern electronic dashboard room
Five large screens showing real-time data, IBM solutions
laptop real-time automation and control system
Laptop-based system control and monitoring software for EDF

IBM is working on solutions for various industries here – healthcare, retail, transportation,  government, energy, banking and many others. Engineers at this center work to develop smart systems for our cities, making them more efficient and green. IBM helps clients to improve ticketing, in-store merchandising and checkout, get rid of traffic jams and better control other complex processes.

A lot of the ideas are experimental, some are already implemented. The interiors of the solutions center are spacious, comfortable and well-decorated with company memorabilia. There are several areas for rest and relaxation and of course a cafeteria. A couple of entrances feature LED lighting in IBM deep blue color.  Visits to offices like IBM’s solution center in La Gaude are inspiring and allow a glimpse of the future.

electronic operations monitoring for smart city smart grid
Large screen dashboard system for complex monitoring and control
IBM blue LED colored entrance
Entryway in modern IBM Office at La Gaude, France


information and ticket booth prototype
Presentation screen showing a station and an automated booth
corridor at the office, interior image
Interior photo of a hallway at IBM Solutions Center, France
lcd display showing statistics about store visitors
Customer Information gathering and analysis system by IBM
lcd price tags that can be updated remotely
Store shelf with products and electronic price tags
store electronic POS
contemporary digital point-of-sale system
office of a store manager with real-time data displays
Information management system for a large retailer
information systems for large retail stores
IBM digital controls for merchandisers and retailers
smart city electronic control room
Smart city digital dashboard displaying relevant information
large format display of market data
High technology digital monitoring of sales, product performance
marketing digital dashboard room
Digital operations room with data monitors
large monitor of real-time information
Wall display of operational data for decision-making
operations decision making dark room
Large screen systems showing real-time situation data
electronic map of city traffic
IBM dashboard for traffic monitoring and management
green city and information solutions
IBM Center offering green solutions
modern coffee break room
contemporary office room for taking a break
IBM information services for the companies
IBM industry solutions center in La Gaude, France
100 years International business machines
Posters on the wall celebrating IBM 100th anniversary
modern remote meeting room
Large screen video calling boardroom
poster dedicated to IBM 100 years
Retro poster of IBM title, typewriter

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