Street food review and pictures from the Belgian streets

Belgian fries with ketchup in a paper cone

Paper cone of Belgian fries with ketchup topping

Bruges, Belgium
Latitude: 51.2090, Longtitude: 3.2246

Belgium has a great culture when it comes to street food. It is the combination of small and romantic old towns like Bruges perfect for exploring on foot and the tradition of street markets full of vendors that create this opportunity to taste great food and immerse in local culture. Having a bite on the go will fill you up and save money as street eats are very inexpensive and prefect for budget travel.

wide variety of Belgian waffles at street vendor display
World famous Belgian waffles on display
burgers and fried onions
Fried onions and burgers – a staple of the Belgian street sandwich

Despite being really affordable everyone that reviews Belgian quick bites agrees that the quality and taste is excellent. When you walk the streets of Belgian towns you literally will be drawn to the vendors by the tasty aromas that range from fried onions, sausage, burgers, fries to the vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon and other spices used in waffles.

If you happen to be on vacation in Belgium in the fall, then a glass of mulled wine will warm you up. Gluhwien as it is called locally is red wine with spices, sugar and is served hot. It is an indispensable drink in a cold and wet Belgian climate.

prices for mulled wine at street vendor in Belgium
Mulled wine – gluhwien is 2 euros per glass, quite a good deal
grill full of Belgian sausages
Belgian sausages on a grill

Of course, the food review would not be complete without mentioning Belgian fries and sausage. Belgian fries are double fried, served in a paper cone with a choice of mayo, ketchup, mustard or other sauces. Sausages are served on a baguette with tons of fried onions.

One more traditional item worth mentioning is a tartiflette. Tartiflette is the result of French influence and is a hearty dish made of potatoes, bacon, cheese, cream and garlic.

tartiflette - hot dish with potatoes and bacon
Belgian street food vendor serving a hot plate of tartiflette
Belgian street food stand selling Belgian fries, Belgian waffles, burgers
a wooden booth selling Belgian wines by the bottle and hot wine by the glass
Belgian wine seller also selling hot mulled wine by the glass


frying pan with onions and a sausage
frying pan with onions and a sausage
greek street food in Belgium
Greek food is also popular choice in Belgium, donairs and kebaps

Belgian street food picture gallery

people eating Belgian fries
People with Belgian fries paper cones
typical street food shop in Belgium
People buying fries and waffles at street food stand
A man selling Belgian waffles and othe baked goods
Belgian bakery street display of waffles, pancakes and donuts
women making Belgian sausage sandwiches
Burgers and sausages Belgian sandwiches with mulled wine at a street stand
a pan of tartiflette with Christmas decoarions in the background
Hot tartiflette dish at the Christmas market in Belgium

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