Bright Blue Umbrellas and Tall Palm Trees, beautiful grounds at JW Marriott

Fabulous and Luxurious JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa

Palm Desert, CA, USA


The images of the dry sand and hot breeze, that the word desert brings to mind, are clearly overturned by the JW Marriott Desert Springs resort and spa. The resort welcomes its guests with spectacular amenities and an array of suites and rooms, designed for comfort and luxury. The landscaped lawns and ground, an array of bright flowers, and the clear waters of the swimming pool make this resort appear like a mirage in the desert. The architecture of the JW Marriott Desert Springs is also quite stylish and offers an incredible view of the scenic settings.

A Scenic View of the Resort and Spa Location
Fountains, Palm Trees and Refreshing Greenery
View of the Towering Mountains and the Building
Stunning Architecture of the Building amid the Greenery

An excellent spa and resort experience awaits one when one enters the establishment. The various spa packages and treatments rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. Party with friends at the glamorous poolside or enjoy a romantic evening strolling through the resort grounds enjoying the sunset. The resort and spa at Palm Desert, California offer exemplary services and amenities that encourage the guests to return.


A Distant View of Resort Buildings Surrounded by Palms
Tall Palm Trees and Landscaped Grounds
Beautiful Image of Water Dripping over Rocks
Water Trickling over the Rocks, JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa
The Smooth Curves and Turns of the Water at the JW Marriott Resort
Reflection of the Lush Trees in the Water Body
Beautifully Styled Shrubs and Flowers
Neatly Maintained Bushes, JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa
Arched Bridge across the Lake with fountains
Jets of Water Rising from the Fountains
Vibrant Flowers at the Resort and Spa, Palm Springs
A burst of Colors -Red, White, Yellow, Green, and Violet Flowers
A Great Spot to Enjoy the Tennis Game
Bench under an Awning, Near the Resort’s Tennis Court
The Bright Blue Ground of the Tennis Court
Ready for a game of Tennis? Resort’s Excellent Facilities
The Gorgeous Building against the Backdrop of Mountains
A Tree near the Terrace of the Building
Image of the Wonderful Lounge in the Resort
Cozy Furniture and Subtle Lighting of the Bar Area
Stylish Interiors of the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa
Bright Yellow Lanterns and the Wooden Partition
A Charming Fountain Spouting Water
Water falling off a Three-Tiered Fountain
The Clear Blue Pool Reflecting the White Lounge Chairs
Spend a Leisure Afternoon in the Luxurious Resort Pool
Image of the Lounge Chairs Reflecting in the Pool Waters
Rows of Lounge Chairs arranged near the Pool Side
The Clear Pool Waters and the White Lounge Chairs
Enjoy the Scenic Views while taking a Relaxing Swim
The Trees and the Sky Reflected in the Pool Waters
Upside Down Palm Trees: Pool Reflection
The Gentle Waves of the Hot Tub
Enjoy a Rejuvenating Swim at JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort and Spa
Water Sprays from a Fountain in the Resort Grounds
Bright Blue Umbrellas Speckled around the Resort Grounds and Pool
Two Stylish Flower Pots at the Entrance
Graceful Designs of the Resort Blends Marvelously with Nature

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