Sun rising above the horizon in the high desert of 29 Palms

Take beautiful nature pictures during desert sunrise

Twentynine Palms, California, USA

Sunrise is always a special time of day, but without a doubt, desert sunrise is one of the most spectacular events. Mojave desert in the southwestern USA is an easily accessible place to experience desert landscapes and take beautiful desert landscape pictures. Las Vegas is in the Mojave desert, and so are lake Mead and Hoover Dam. So if you happen to be in Vegas, try something different – get up early and drive out of the city; the views will be unforgettable. Another big city close to the Mojave desert is Los Angeles. It is only a couple of hours away from such places as Joshua Tree, Yucca Valley, and Twentynine Palms.

amazing desert plants in early morning light
Delicate desert plants in the early morning light
Sky colors at dawn in the desert, nature pictures
Just before the desert sunrise skies start to change colors, the perfect time for photos

One of the advantages of being in the desert is of course almost 100% guarantee of clear skies. Sunrise is more tricky to catch in places with clouds, fog, tall buildings, or trees. The vast open space of the desert allows for perfect desert sunrise viewing. This time of day is also very desirable in landscape photography. During desert sunrise the air is clear, usually, there is no wind and colors are brilliant.

Photography tips and photography ideas for desert sunrise pictures:

birght orange sky color in the desert at sunrise
Sunrise – fire in the sky, desert travel nature pictures ideas
Macro detail of desert plant at sunrise, free nature pictures
Desert plants in the early morning light

1. At sunrise aim the camera directly at the sun for dramatic effect.

2. Use a polarizing filter to reduce glare and enhance skies.

sunrise in the desert, nature landscape photography
Soft pastel colors in the sky, mountains, and desert just before sunrise, nature pictures
Desert landscape with pink clouds and mountains, Mojave desert travel images
Pink clouds and dark mountains, desert sunrise

3. Remember to look around; you can find beautiful sunrise scenes everywhere.

4. Try various aperture/shutter speed combos.

Contracting yellow skies and black desert, sunrise nature images
Bright skies and dark foreground, Mojave desert travel images
sunrise in Mojave desert, nature landscape photography
Seconds before the sun is up, Mojave desert sunrise pictures

5. Keep the lens clean and free of dust, particles, and dew.

6. Colors change fast at sunrise, so take many photos and choose the best later.

Desert mountains at sunrise show amazing texture and color, nature pictures
Desert mountains at sunrise show fantastic texture and color
First rays of sun above desert horizon
First rays of the sun above the desert horizon

7. Pay attention to light and shadows, and remember to experiment.

Rising sun reflecting off the old structure in the desert
Rising sun reflected off the old structure in the desert
Delicate patterns of desert plants branches at sunrise, nature pictures
Delicate patterns of desert plants branches at sunrise
Sun rising above Mojave desert, travel images
Sun rising above Mojave desert

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