Amazing Christmas Lights on Naples Island

Magic Christmas Lights of Naples Island, Long Beach, California

Naples Island in Long Beach, California, is famous for its Christmas decorations. The homeowners compete for the best-decorated house. This event starts in early December and draws large crowds.

Snowmen greeting visitors
Elves helping Santa to come down from the roof

Christmas Boat Parade is also a famous festive event around the island. Both are beautiful opportunities to see amazing Christmas lights and get into the holiday mood.

Naples Island has a fantastic waterfront, and Christmas lights make it even more attractive. Christmas decor and music create a unique atmosphere. Various tours are available, but walking around the island is also a pleasure.

House roof with many Christmas lights and characters
Magic Naples Island waterfront at night

Most of the Christmas lights are along Toledo street and Lido Lane. The Christmas displays are fantastic, with many lights, many Christmas scenes and various Christmas characters that will make both kids and adults smile.

Plentiful Christmas lights create magic mood
Housefront with holiday decor
Santa in the toy workshop
Toy workshop and Candy Shack in white-pink colors
Large Bear figure with Christmas lights
Roof, every window, every wall, balcony – everything is decorated for the Holiday season
Beary Christmas house with lots of bear characters
Snowman and lit-up palm tree
Christmas presents by the front door
Elegant Christmas lights at night on Naples Island
Santa climbing from the roof – Christmas decor
Crowd looking at the Christmas decorations
Christmas lights surround visitors walking along the Naples Island waterfront

   16.10.2023  by FPImages


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