Santas House and workshop at los angeles farmers market

Los Angeles Farmers Market celebrates holiday season with Christmas decorations

Los Angeles, California, USA


Somewhere between West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, one can find a unique Los Angeles attraction – the farmers’ market. The exact address is Fairfax at the 3-rd street intersection. It is about halfway between Santa Monica Boulevard and Wilshire boulevard. One useful piece of information to plan a trip to the Los Angeles farmers market is that parking is free for the first two hours with validation from the market vendors. The farmers market is easy to recognize because of its iconic clock tower.

Christmas decorations at the clock tower, Los Angeles cityscapes
Farmers Market Clock Tower with Christmas decorations
Gilmore gas station with Christmas decorations, Los Angeles cityscapes
Historic Gilmore gas station with holiday decorations

Historic Gilmore gas station reminds visitors about the roots of this place and is also decorated for the holiday season.

Los Angeles Farmers Market has mostly food vendors and a couple of souvenir shops. It is very popular with the locals not only tourists. There is an excellent selection of gourmet meats and seafood, there is an old-fashioned ice-cream stand, and many delicious pastry shops. A couple of grocery stands sell fresh produce.

Farmers market second floor and clock tower, travel images
Farmers market eating area upstairs and view of the Clock Tower
Santa's Workshop at the Grove near Farmers Market
Santa’s Workshop at the Grove near Farmers Market

If you want to have a bite in more quiet surroundings, make your way upstairs where you will find more tables available and can relax and rest.

The clock tower and market stands are well decorated for Christmas and create a great holiday atmosphere. Another reason to visit the farmers’ market is the Grove. The Grove is a shopping, dining, and movie theater district. It features a free trolley along its main street, a dancing fountain, and many beautiful outdoor Christmas decorations. These include Santa’s Workshop and a reindeer sleigh flying high above the fountain.

Santa's Workshop for Christmas celebration at the Grove
Santa’s Workshop for Christmas celebration at the Grove
Christmas mood set by music, the grove cityscapes
Brass orchestra playing Christmas tunes
Holiday decorations on the trolley
Trolley with Christmas decorations

Plan a trip to Los Angeles Farmers Market, enjoy good food, and have fun at the Grove.

 Christmas decorations photo gallery

Festive trolley decorations
Festive trolley decorations
Large Christmas tree at the Grove
Large Christmas tree at the Grove


Gilmore gas station at the farmers market
Historic Gilmore Gas Station with Christmas decorations

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