Nova Scotia Hiking Trails with Waterfall – Delaps Cove, 15 nature pictures

Hiking trail has many driftwood pieces

Driftwood, hiking trail nature pictures

Delaps Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada

Province of Nova Scotia outdoor adventures has many hiking trails with waterfall. Delaps Cove hiking trail is one of them. Located close to beautiful Annapolis Royal, Delaps Cove hiking trails with waterfall is a must for anyone who wants to plan a trip in this area. There are two hiking trails here РBohaker trail and Charlies trail. Charlies trail is more challenging and sometimes is closed in the spring due to washouts. Late spring is a great season in Nova Scotia to  take a hiking trail through the forest, see the waterfall and take great nature pictures.

Nova Scotia Hiking Trails Delaps Cove waterfall, trail map hiking trail picture
Hiking Trail map and information, Bohaker Trail map
Log Bench at hiking trail, travel images
Nova Scotia outdoor adventure, hiking trail picture and log bench

To plan a trip to Delaps Cove hiking trails with waterfall, have a look at the map, familiarize yourself with the roads and other prominent geographic features. For example to get to Delaps Cove from Annapolis Royal you have to cross Annapolis river, which has a great Nova Scotia attraction too – tidal power generation station with interpretive center. Town of Granville Ferry has very scenic waterfront, you can take beautiful pictures of it for your travel images collection. From here you can get to Delaps Cove by going either left through Port Royal or right via Hillsburn. Once on the Shore road there will be a sign on the road to make a slight left to get to the hiking trail parking lot, information center and picnic area. This is where your great outdoor adventures begins.

Hopefully you plan a trip in advance and come well prepared – good hiking shoes and weatherproof clothing. Nova Scotia weather changes quick, especially on the shores of Bay of Fundy. Bring good protection for your camera and have something to clean the lens with. Hiking in the Nova Scotia forest may get various particles onto the lens and also quite often atmospheric moisture will create condensation. Outdoor adventures are easy and fun when you come ready for the nature’s surprises.

Ferns of Nova Scotia forest - hiking trail picture
Hiking trail info about Nova Scotia forest – Ferns
Trees information, Nova Scotia forest hiking trail picture
Nova Scotia forest info display about trees

Delaps Cove hiking trails with waterfall have a well maintained information center with a display map and take away maps. Hiking trail is well marked, has log benches and information displays about Nova Scotia forest features Рtrees, plants and streams. Get your camera out and start taking lots of nature pictures and travel images. These photos will be great memories of your outdoor adventures in Nova Scotia. You can take panoramic scenic nature photos, to be used later as desktop backgrounds. Pay attention to details as well, take nature pictures from positions other than standing upright Рlean, crouch, bend over. Do not be lazy and you will be rewarded with excellent hiking trail pictures. Do not forget about water, photograph  small streams, lakes, ocean take home amazing water images.

Fundy shore windswept pine trees, nature pictures
Windswept pine tree, hiking trail by Fundy shore


Spring nature pictures showing young fern leaves - fiddleheads
Nova Scotia ferns fiddleheads, nature pictures
Bay of Fundy shore - ocean water images
Delaps Cove hiking trail follows Bay of Fundy shore, travel images
Scenic travel images of Bay of Fundy shore and windswept dead tree
Windswept dead tree, Bay of Fundy scenic nature photo
Scenic hiking trail, landscape photography for travel images
Scenic landscape photography, hiking trail at Bay of Fundy
Dead tree in the forest, nature photos and hiking trail picture
Nova Scotia forest detail – dead tree, nature pictures
Beautiful waterfall at Delaps Cove, travel images
Delaps Cove waterfall and ocean coast, scenic nature photos
windswept tree on Bay of Fundy shore, scenic travel images
Bay of Fundy windswept tree, scenic nature pictures
Hard part of hiking trail doing down to the waterfall and Bay of Fundy coast
Steep Hiking Trail leading to the Bottom of the Waterfall

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