Water falling at Dawson brook falls in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Hiking Trails with Waterfall – Dawson Brook Falls

Dawson Brook, Ellershouse, Nova Scotia, Canada


Nova Scotia hiking trail to Dawson Brook Falls is very close to Halifax and is easy and short. If you plan a trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia this season, think about exploring great outdoor adventures this province has to offer. Nova Scotia hiking trails are plenty and many of these trails will reward you with a spectacular waterfall.  You have to park the car on the shoulder of 101 highway Halifax bound side, GPS coordinates for this spot are: LAT 44. 9252 and LON -63.9753

Tall pine trees near Dawson Brook Waterfall, forest picture
Dawson Brook hiking trail, Nova Scotia
Red ribbons mark hiking trail, nature pictures
Hiking Trails are marked with red ribbons, hiking trail picture

Hiking trail to Dawson Brook Falls starts as the gravel road for a couple of hundred yards and then you have to keep right at the fork. The hiking trail is marked with red ribbons. Plan a trip and prepare well, there could be lots of wet spots and mud before you reach the steep bank of the river. Nova Scotia forest is fairly sparse in this area with large pine trees. Be careful when you reach Dawson Brook – the banks are very steep and soil may be slippery.

Nova Scotia hiking trails with waterfalls are the best in the spring and early summer. This is the time to enjoy the waterfalls and forest landscape. In late spring and early summer rivers and brooks are full of water and flow fast. Waterfalls are dramatic this time of year in Nova Scotia. The weather is not too hot either and just about right for outdoor adventures and hiking trails. When you plan a trip, take a good waterproof bag for the camera and cleaning cloth for the lens. It is easy to get dust and sometimes moisture onto the lens when hiking especially near the waterfall. Great water images and nature pictures start with preparation at home and careful execution at the location.

Tall pine trees at Dawson Brook hiking trail to waterfall
Nova Scotia forest with large pine trees, hiking trail
Waterfall picture, Dawson Brook
Dawson Brook Falls

Nova Scotia has many hiking trails with waterfalls, enjoy outdoor adventures in this province and take some great memories with you – waterfall and nature pictures.

Photography tips for taking waterfall nature pictures:

Falling water at Dawson Brook Falls, great outdoors picture
Falling water at Dawson Brook, outdoor adventures
Nova Scotia Forest near Dawson Brook, forest landscape
The forest around the Waterfall

1. Walk around the river, lake or waterfall, get a feel for it and find the best spot.

2. Take pictures at sunrise and sunset.

Forest brook flowing in the forest, water images
Dawson Brook runs through a narrow gorge in the forest, nature pictures
Panoramic landscape, waterfall in the forest, nature pictures
Forest Landscape of Dawson Brook Falls

3. Use a wide-angle lens and move closer to the waterfall.

4. For motion blur set the slow shutter speed, use a tripod.

Symbolism of waterfall and rocks, water images
Falling Water and Rocks, yin and yang symbols

4. Look for patterns and rhythms, strong lines, remember to experiment with black and white photos.


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