A look at Lucy the elephant historic animal building

Welcome to Lucy sign and houdah atop of the elephant building

Lucy the Elephant historic landmark
Latitude: 39.3209, Longtitude: -74.5117

Lucy the elephant was built in 1881 as an attraction to the waterfront development just south of modern Atlantic City. This animal inspired building is about 6 miles south of the Atlantic city boardwalk and another historic landmark Absecon lighthouse. It is located at 9200 Atlantic ave in Margate, NJ. Atlantic avenue spans both islands and is very long at about 10 miles. Beautiful sandy beach stretches along the coast line and is a great place to spend a day.

Beautiful beach right in front of Lucy the Elephant

Lucy the Elephant building was moved from its original location and rebuilt and restored several times due to storms and fires. This animal inspired building is a huge structure at 65 feet tall. Admission to the grounds is free and there is a small fee for the tour of the house. There is a nice waterfront restaurant Lucy Cheesesteakes where you can enjoy a meal or just an ice-cream and relax observing the ocean, the beach and the elephant building.

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View of elephant building from the waterfront restaurant
Lucy’s elephant trunk and tusks and nearby Lucy’s cheesesteaks restaurant
Elephant building with windows and howdah
Unusual historic landmark – Lucy the elephant building
Animal inspired building was originally build in 1881
Lucy gift shop and tour office
Small garden with a sign Lucy and US flags
Entry and exit doors in the rear legs of the elephant building
US flags on the fence near Lucy the Elephant
Oceanfront Lucy’c Cheesestakes restaurant near the elephant building
Lucy the Elephant and two story office building show the size of the elephant building
Windows at the side of Lucy the Elephant

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