nova scotia brook forest in the spring

Nova Scotia forest pictures at Millet Falls hiking trail

Falls Lake, Nova Scotia, Canada


Nova Scotia, Canada has many hiking trails with waterfalls. Looking for things to do in Nova Scotia? Plan a trip and think about outdoor adventures in this province. There are many rivers and lakes in Nova Scotia forests and many waterfalls, making it great for outdoor adventures enthusiast. To see the waterfall and take outdoor pictures, first, you have to plan a trip as most of the time this will involve hiking trail and wilderness location. Some forest hiking trails are very easy, some hard.

Small forest brook - nature pictures
Nova Scotia hiking trail detail – small forest brook
Nova Scotia hiking trails with waterfalls
Falls Lake Hiking Trail entrance from the road.

Nova Scotia weather is often foggy and rainy so it is a good idea to prepare well for these outdoor adventures. To plan a trip first find a good hiking trail description, dress appropriately and let someone know about your travel plan just to be safe. Get the camera ready for great nature pictures, charge the battery and have a waterproof bag handy if it rains. It is important to take a cloth to clean the lens since when hiking through the forest it is easy to get dust and particles on to the camera. Great outdoor pictures need a clean lens.

To get to Millet Falls look for a private road that runs along the Falls Lake, Nova Scotia. This is the start of the hiking trail and usually, there is a space for parking a couple of cars. Follow this gravel road and enjoy the beautiful landscape. Several cottages are lining the banks of Falls Lake. These properties have a nice view of the water and are used in summertime. Small forest brook runs on the left side of the road in the spring. Lake, brook are great subjects for water images. When the road ends there is a wide opening in the woods and a large old pine tree stands on guard. Photograph this old pine, you will enjoy these nature pictures later for sure. To the right of this pine tree real hiking trail begins, it will lead you through the forest to the beautiful Millet Falls, one of many spectacular Nova Scotia waterfalls.

Hiking around Falls Lake, Nova Scotia nature pictures
Hiking Trail at Falls Lake and a cottage
Outdoor adventures of Nova Scotia, Falls Lake
Falls Lake cottage access road, great outdoors


Nova Scotia hiking trail follows the Falls Lake
Nova Scotia great outdoors – cottages at Falls Lake
Nova Scotia hiking trails, water images
Hiking trail detail – a small brook
Nova Scotia landscape, nature pictures
Nova Scotia beautiful landscape, Falls Lake
Falls Lake A-frame cottage, outdoor pictures
A-frame cottage by the lake, Nova Scotia outdoor adventures
Sphagnum moss and forest brook, water images
Water falling, small brook and sphagnum moss, nature pictures
Old pine tree, Nova scotia nature pictures
Large pine tree at the hiking trail leading to the waterfall

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