Winter Black and White Pictures using Diana camera

Snow falling Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Snow falling at old cemetery

Halifax, NS, Canada


This is a series of analogue film photographs taken with Diana F+ camera. The film used was Kodak BW400CN. The result – soft focus dream-like images. Winter is an especially good time of year to take black-and-white photos. The cities and towns are grey and dull, skies are overcast. It is pretty much various shades of grey anywhere you look – a perfect time to capture winter black and white pictures.

Old German Lutheran Church, Halifax, NS, Canada
Historic German church in Halifax, NS, Canada
Juniper Branches in snow
Evergreen bushes after a winter snowfall

The controls of Holga or Lomo-type cameras are very basic and easy to set. Because the photos are taken on film extra caution is required in composing the image and in actual shooting technique – holding the camera steady, and understanding viewfinder limitations will help to frame the scene correctly. There are a lot of Lomography enthusiasts and they have a website with more tips and tricks involved in shooting with these type of film cameras. In this series, falling snow in winter was captured by setting the shutter speed to “N” and using ISO¬† 400 film.

Another nice feature of these film cameras is natural vignetting that occurs due to the basic plastic construction of the camera body. Most film processing shops will include a basic scan of the film. The scanned images will usually be delivered on a CD, although this will definitely change to some other digital medium as more and more computers do not have CD/DVD drives. Despite of the technology changes film cameras are here to stay and will provide us with nice fine art photos.

Snow falling Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Snow falling at an old cemetery

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