Classical architecture of Palazzo Reale in Turin, Italy

Turin (Torino) Architectural Landmarks, Piemonte, Northern Italy

Turin, Piedmonte, Italy


Turin architectural landmarks are perfect for architectural photography. The architecture of this city is quite remarkable and has a long history. Although Torino dates back to Roman times, the city center as we see it today was developed during the XV century when Savoy dukes moved in.

Mole Antonelliana - now museum of cinema, originally synagogue
Picture of very tall Mole Antonelliana top visible from piazza Venetto
San Lorenzo Church designed by architect Guarino Guarini, Torino Italy
Beautiful San Lorenzo church is very close to Pallazo Reale

Torino architectural landmarks can be seen if you walk Via Roma from the train station to Piazza Castello and then take Via Po down to the river. One will be tempted many times along the way by a variety of things – the smell of espresso coffee, colorful gelato displays, and high fashion boutiques full of the latest designs. Most of this route passes through streets covered with beautiful arches that extend from the buildings. These arches provide excellent protection from either heat or rain and make it a distinct Turin feature.

Beautiful Mole Antonelliana can be seen from almost any point. Church of Holy Shroud and Church of San Lorenzo are must-see landmarks in Piazza Castello, as are the Palazzo Reale and Palazzo Madama. At the end of Via Po is the grand open space of piazza Veneto. Vittorio Emmanuele Bridge spans the river Po. It is believed that Napoleon himself commissioned this first stone bridge in the city.

River Po and stone bridge ordered by Napoleon
River Po and an old bridge named after Vittorio Emanuele I
Bridge accross river Po built from stone - construction design detail
Picture of the massive stone arch foundation of the bridge
river Po bridge first stone bridge in Torino
Elegant Arches of the Vittorio Emanuele I Bridge in Turin
Vittorio Emanuele I Bridge, river Po bridge built by Napoleon
Detail of Stone bridge over river Po, commissioned by Napoleon in 1813
Palazzo Madama, palace in Turin - museum of Antique Arts
Monument to Soldiers and Tower of Palazzo Madama, palace in Turin
Church of Holy Shroud, San Giovanni Battista, shroud of Turin keepers
Duomo San Giovanni Battista – keepers of Shroud of Turin
Street Photo of covered pedestrian arcade in Turin center
Torino Piazza San Carlo arcade and large Martini Sign
Grand Madre di Dio - magnificent example of Italian architecture
Grand Madre di Dio monumental church in Turin, Italy famous landmarks
Mole Antonelliana - Torino Spire, museum of cinema
Tallest spire in Turin

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