tall ship Barque Kruzenstern sailing by Georges Island in Halifax

Bark Kruzenstern visiting Halifax Harbour during Tallships 2009

Transatlantic tallship race, Halifax, NS, Canada

Bark Kruzenstern is one of the largest sailing ships in the world. The black hull is a feature unique to this vessel. The ship was built in 1926 in Germany. Technical data:  length: 114.40 m,  beam: 14.02 m,  sails area : 3,400 sq.m. This sailing vessel visited Halifax during Tallships 2009 race. Some of the photos clearly show her broken foremast. This happened when Kruzenstern raced across the Atlantic. The ship was sailing under full sails, and a couple of days before the arrival rogue gust of wind blew off the top of the mast.

Flying Canadian flag on a foggy day
Tall mast in the fog
Close-up view of lines coiled on belaying pins
Macro image of belaying pins

It was quite a chore to take down the broken piece and untangle all the lines. The general public had an opportunity to visit and explore this magnificent piece of sailing history. There is an excellent museum on board Kruzenstern that tells the story of the first voyages, ports visited, and storms encountered. The barque square sails are the main propulsion, but she also has an engine to maneuver when entering the port and to generate electrical power. The masts are about 150 feet tall, and working that high when the ship is rocking on the waves is not for the faint of heart.

The sailing experience on board the ship truly forges the characters of young sailors. Wikipedia classifies her as a Russian Navy sail training ship. However, this is not the case; Kruzenstern belongs to the Baltic State Academy of the Fishing Fleet in Kaliningrad. Barque Kruzenstern offers bookings for anyone interested in sailing on a tall ship.

White title of the ship painted on hardwood surface
Ships name on hardwood
Ship's wheel and compass
Magnetic compass stand and ship’s wheel


Museum, cups and awards won by the barque
Display of prizes and diplomas
Ship Museum Exhibit
Museum of ship’s trophies
Museum exhibits of ship's history
Historical display in the museum
First sailings map
Map of Kruzenstern first voyages
Engine room of the vessel
Main engine room
Lines, rigging and belaying pins
Rigging and coiled lines detail
Lines, rigging and ships wheel
Rigging and coiled lines detail
Gears of a winch for adjusting rigging
Gears of a winch for adjusting rigging
Photo of Nova Scotia DJ and sea cadet
Kruzenstern’s cadet and Nova Scotia DJ photo
Sea cadet and Canadian Mounty officer
Canadian RCMP officer and ship’s cadet image
Admiralty Anchor at the forecastle of Kruzenstern
Barque bow and Admiralty anchor
Foggy day in Halifax and Kruzenstern moored by peer 21
Large square-rigged ship overcast day
Bird's eye view of the ship
High angle shot of Kruzenstern
Looking up at the tall mast decorated with flags
Low angle view of the tall ship mast
Ship construction plaque, bronze shiny bell and steering wheel
Double steering wheel and ships bell
Master posing for a photo with a group of visitors
Halifax port authority group with the captain of Kruzenstern
Kruzenstern leaving Halifax Harbor to start the race, free image
Kruzenstern leaving Halifax Harbor to start the race

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