pumpkin boats lined up at the start of the race in Windsor, Nova Scotia

Giant pumpkin regatta draws big crowds in Windsor, NS

Windsor, NS, Canada

After you enjoyed the pumpkin parade, walked around Haliburton House estate, and had lunch, now will be the time for the highlight of the day – the giant pumpkin regatta. The race takes place every year in early October at the Pisiquid lake in Windsor, NS. More details can be found at the Tourism Nova Scotia site. The race starts at around 2 pm. There are many spots where to watch it from. The shores of the lake can accommodate many visitors, and it is easy to find free parking anywhere in the streets of this small charming Nova Scotia town.

Two person pumpkin watercraft crew dressed as Lego people.
Fifteen kids are having fun in a war canoe just before the pumpkin race

A large war canoe with fifteen paddlers is a uniquely Canadian tradition, and what a great way to open the pumpkin boat race. The pumpkin crews must paddle from the beach opposite the Windsor lakefront and reach a landing by the Tim Hortons coffee shop. The total distance to race is about 600-700 yards depending on the direction the pumpkin boat crew chooses. Recently a new class of pumpkin has been added that allows the use of outboard motors.

Windsor pumpkin regatta is a special event in Nova Scotia and all of Canada. This race is fun for the whole family. The area has many attractions, and a road trip from Halifax will be memorable and full of new and exciting experiences.

Motorized pumpkin watercraft is a new racing category added to the pumpkin regatta
The pumpkin regatta is about to start, all pumpkin boats are lined up opposite the Windsor waterfront.
Right after the start, the fastest pumpkin ships lead the race. On the left motorized pumpkin boat can be seen.
The media follows the racers for a closer look
Pumpkin boat paddlers work hard while the crowd watches and cheers from the shores
Drone taking video of the pumpkin regatta at Lake Pisiquid in Windsor, NS
Pontoon boat full of excited parents and friends, rescue boat is standing by just in case of a pumpkin craft failure

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