Parade of the tin soldiers musical notes at Halifax Citadel

Annual Victorian Christmas at Halifax Citadel Presented by Parks Canada

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


Annual Victorian Christmas is organized by Parks Canada and is a re-enactment of traditional Christmas as celebrated by Queen Victoria’s soldiers every year at the end of November. Halifax Citadel is an excellent venue for this event. It is also a great opportunity to photograph a unique setting and capture the atmosphere of a long-gone era. Halifax Citadel is a very special location, a well-preserved fortress that creates an amazing Victorian-era atmosphere.

traditional Christmas meal
Table set for traditional Christmas meal
White and Red Highland Uniform on a shelf
78 Regiment uniform

Annual Victorian Christmas at Halifax Citadel transports visitors back in time. The weather at the end of November is usually cold, it is common to see first snowflakes.  If you plan this outing as a family trip, prepare accordingly, dress warmly as you will spend a lot of time outside in the Halifax Citadel courtyard. The Victorian Christmas lasts all afternoon and if you get chilly exploring the Citadel, the cafe offers hot beverages and snacks.

Annual Victorian Christmas is a winter event, so get the camera ready to take a lot of winter pictures. Make sure the battery is fully charged, bring a spare battery if you have one. Remember batteries drain much faster when exposed to winter weather. Also, when taking winter pictures digital cameras require more energy due to low light conditions – higher ISO settings and the use of flash. Bring a lens cloth as the snowflakes or other precipitation can easily get onto the lens. And when you move from the inside of the barracks to the Halifax Citadel courtyard lens may get condensation that you will have to deal with.

Black & White Photo of Citadel Granite Walls, free image
Light Snow and Grey Granite Stone of the Citadel
A row of handbells
Shiny bronze handbells

Annual Victorian Christmas has many beautiful venues. Handbells Choir plays Christmas Carols and can be enjoyed outside by the canteen in the historic Cavalier Building. In 1800-s Citadel was home to the highland regiment and today everything is re-created down to the smallest detail – uniforms, guns, the interior of the barracks, food, and of course bagpipes. Soldiers’ families are there as well to celebrate traditional Christmas. The actors will answer any question people may have and will readily pose for a photo.

Popular with kids and adults annual Victorian Christmas at Halifax Citadel will remain a tradition for years to come and is a great family trip idea.

Notes Parade of Tin Soldiers
Parade of the tin soldiers musical notes
Bagpipe player
Actor in uniform playing bagpipe

Victorian-Christmas-Citadel-Halifax 04 Victorian-Christmas-Citadel-Halifax 05

Victorian-Christmas-Citadel-Halifax 09

Soldier playing bagpipe
Soldier playing bagpipe
highland regiment horsehair sporran
Horsehair sporran of highland regiment
Serjeant's breath barrel
Serjeant’s breath barrel
resting in the barrack
Highland regiment personnel taking a break
Two soldiers cooking
Cooking food old soldier camp way
Frying pan with bacon
Frying bacon
Camp cooker with a steaming pot
Boiling pot on a camp cooker
Awful taste of bacon
sergeant tasting bacon
Period white tarp soldier tent
Period white tarp tent
Uniform repair parts
Materials to repair soldiers uniform
Fixing soldiers uniform
Tailors table and scissors
Lady dressed in period clothes
Lady dressed in period clothes
Antique tailors scissors
Antique tailors scissors
Handbells Choir Artists
Handbells performers checking notes
Xylophone musician and Christmas Carols
Xylophone player practicing

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