Birds at LA Arboretum, 20 pictures of birds

guinea hen bird picture

Curious guinea hen

Arcadia, California, USA
Latitude: 34.1436, Longtitude: -118.0513

Home to several varieties of birds the Los Angeles Arboretum is a wonderful place in Arcadia. Arboretum is easy to reach and makes a perfect candidate for a half day to a day trip while visiting the area. It also provides wonderful opportunities for taking pictures of birds or simply relaxing and taking a break from busy LA. The images of different mallards , peacocks, and other exotic birds are quite enchanting.

Goose standing on the grass
Canada Goose on the grass

Seeing wood duck  in its own natural environment is a pleasant experience. The white lines, the red eyes, and the reddish bill give the wood duck a distinctive look. They are found in wooded areas, which is their natural habitat. Of course there are lots of  Mallard Ducks – water birds swimming casually in the lake. One can greatly increase collection of bird pictures here.

Close up Image of a Goose
Bright Black and White Canada Goose close up view

One of the most exotic birds in the area are the majestic and elegant peacocks and peahens. The peacocks with the bright green and peacock blue plumage are a visual treat and they strut around proudly in this  park. The peacocks are the stars of many impressive bird photographs and happily pose as visitors capture the beauty of these exotic birds with their camera. The peacock during courtship dance completely opens up its feathers to show a dazzling view of peacock blue and iridescent green. If you are lucky to be there at the time you can take a great bird image which can make a great desktop background or wallpaper.

Guinea Fowls Wandering Casually at Arboretum
Four Guinea Hens, Flightless birds

There are other flying beauties that are more difficult to photograph –  the charming hummingbirds at LA arboretum come down and buzz among the flower branches. One has to be patient and quick to capture a picture of the delightful hummingbird.

three Guinea Fowl birds
Flock of Guinea Hens

The area is also home to a large flock of guinea hens, flightless birds which can be seen scuttling carelessly. The sights of the guinea hens adds to the experience and makes one feel closer to nature. The birds add to the wonderful natural setting and encourage many to visit the arboretum again. Canada geese sitting casually on the branches and tree trunks near the lake are not as glorious as peacocks, but are quite elegant and have very special curve of the neck. These birds are popular among all visitors to the park – children and adults. For photographers taking pictures of birds is an excellent chance to practice skills in shooting fast moving and often unpredictable subjects.

Picture of a Guinea hen in Los Angeles Arboretum
A Brightly Colored Guinea Hen ugly head
single Guinea hen looking straight at the camera
A Close Image of Guinea Hen and body head proportions of a flightless bird
Picture of a Humming Bird Surrounded By Flowers
Hummingbird, little bird gathering nectar, birds and blooms
Charming Humming Bird
Birds and blooms – picture of hummingbird amid aloe vera flowers
Charismatic Picture of Two Mallard Ducks
A Pair of Mallard Ducks Swimming, wild birds picture
Picture of a Beautiful Peacock image during courtship
An Exotic Peacock picture displaying tail
Image of Gorgeous Peacock blue-green Feathers
A Cluster of Dazzling Peacock Eye Feathers, peacock blue
Close up Image of A Peacock Head
A Peahen Head, closeup photo
Macro Image of a Beautiful Peacock Eye Feather
An Exotic Bird Peacock Eye Feather, macro shot showing peacock blue amazing colors
Colorful peacock at rest
Peacock hiding its head and resting
Picture of Stunning Peacock Feathers
Brilliant Blue and Green Peacock Eye Feathers, background picture
Picture of Peacock with tail fully opened
Peacock posing for the camera with full fan formation
Brightly colored Wood Duck
Wood Duck Strolling Casually Near Water, wild bird picture
Image of a Canada Goose sitting on a stump by the lake
Canada Goose Perched Near Water
Canada Goose at Arboretum in Los Angeles
Charming Canada Goose

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