Beautiful clouds and palm trees at the beach

Beach Scenes, taking beach photos in tropical paradise

Bavaro, Dominican Republic


Romantic, colorful and ever-changing beach scenes, beach photos look at us from the pages of tropical resorts magazines, desktop wallpapers and television screens. Taking beach pictures will most likely be part of your routine while vacationing in the Dominican Republic.

Looking east, beach photo near Punta Cana
Clouds lit up by the rising sun

Stunning beach photos will remind you of soft sand, a warm ocean and a gentle breeze. Nature photography will help you relax and enjoy your tropical vacation even more.

Morning beach clean-up
Beach morning – truck for seaweed pick-up.
Two fishermen in a boat
Two fishermen in a boat at sunrise

Most resorts in the Dominican Republic are all-inclusive resorts and a lot of visitors probably feel guilty about eating too much and need to get some exercise before the next meal and go for a walk on the beach.

Tropical beach full moonrise
Caribbean Island moonrise: first stars and full moon glow

Join other walkers, joggers or simply strollers. Walking will allow you to find the best location for a landscape picture. Remember that walking on the sand barefoot is challenging, and a good walk would be around a mile one way.

Taking beach photos in early morning offers an excellent opportunity to capture sunrise and later use it as a desktop wallpaper. At sunrise you can catch a glimpse of wildlife, maybe pelicans gliding above or fish jumping.

Tropical island night landscape
Palm trees and tropical full moon
caribbean night landscape with full moon
Caribbean Island Paradise at night with full moon

You can photograph fishermen getting their boats ready. The personnel cleaning up the beach and picking up seaweed is friendly and will give you the right of way, make sure no sand gets on to you and they will happily pose for the image.

The winds around sunrise are light and the ocean is calm. It is essential for beach photography because this will change as the day progresses; the breeze from the east will pick up and die down again at sunset.

Full moon rising above clouds
Full moon hiding behind the cloud
Pirate ship and blue lights refelcting in the ocean
Tropical vacation entertainment – Pirate ship at night

If you are lucky to visit during the full moon, you can take pictures of the moon and treat yourself to a magnificent show absolutely for free – watch tropical moonrise. You can check current moon phases online.  To get better pictures of the moon, the time of the moonrise has to be just after the sunset.

Then the image will capture the sunset glow in the sky and also the moon. Of course, the direction and time of moonrise and weather conditions have to cooperate with your nature photography schedule. If everything works, you will first see the glow on the horizon and then watch the moon gracefully rise from beneath the ocean.

Pirate ship at night
Night photo of the pirate ship
Ocean reflections of blue lights, abstract picture
Blue lights reflecting on the ocean water

Moon rising from the ocean is truly an unforgettable and romantic beach scene. Taking this type of beach photo will require patience and the use of a tripod.  The pictures in this set were taken at El Cortecito beach, Bavaro, Dominican Republic.

skies just before the sunrise
Glow in the eastern sky at sunrise

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