Knightstone Causeway Hotel

Day drive in Somerset from Weston-Super-Mare to Vicars Close

Marine Lake, Weston-Super-Mare, UK

If you drove to Bristol via Bath and have some time to spare you can plan a day trip driving to the shores of river Severn (Bristol Channel) and then going back inland to Cheddar and then on to Wells.

Walkway at Marine Lake, free image
People walking on water at Marine Lake
Seafront hotels near Marine Lake
Waterfront Hotels view from across Marine Lake

Weston-Super-Mare is a small seaside town that went through some tough economic times in the last century and experienced a substantial decline in tourism. It is now coming back as a destination and can provide lots of things to do including an aquarium, helicopter museum, and a nice beach. Taking a stroll along its shore visitors will see signs of old glory – art deco buildings, piers, and boats. Marine lake is a part of the sea separated by the dam. It is possible to walk during low tide from Knightstone place to the shore.

After exploring Weston-Super-Mare you can take road A371 leading inland. The further you go the more scenic road becomes and when you reach the Cheddar landscape completely changes. Passing through the center of town you have to make a left to B3135 and head to Cheddar Gorge.  They still make cheddar cheese here and visitors can taste it in numerous stores. There are hotels and restaurants and a nice rest area around the lake with the waterfall.

People crossing marine lake at low tide
Walkway at the marine lake during low tide
Photo from marine lake causeway
Hotels and reflections in Weston-Super-Mare

The next stop on this day trip is Wells with its cathedral and Bishop’s Palace. Wells Cathedral has a good informative site: where you can find a lot of historical facts. The grounds are well maintained and one can easily spend a couple of hours walking around, taking pictures, and enjoying the views. The cathedral and Bishop’s palace create a truly medieval atmosphere.

Marine lake dam almost covered by water
People enjoy the sunshine, Marine lake dam
Scenic horizontal shot of Cheddar Yeo waterfall
Lake and Waterfalls at Cheddar Yeo
Cheddar Gorge Hotel
Tourist Accommodations in Cheddar Gorge
Cheese gift shop and cafe
Cheese gift shop and cafe
Cheddar cheese production
Cheddar cheese production
Red onion and smoked oak cheddar cheese
Variety of Cheddar cheeses
The Galleries Inn hotel and restaurant
Stone building of the Galleries Inn
Cheddar company store
Cheddar factory and store
Water obstacle surrounding palace
Bishop’s Palace Wall and Moat
Gate leading to courtyard
Entrance to the palace
Grand buidling of the cathedral
Gothic Architecture of the cathedral
Statues, columns and bas-reliefs around the doors
Statues, columns, and bas-reliefs around the doors
Scissor Arches supporting the tower
Cathedral interiors and famous Scissor Arches
Stained glass artwork
Stained glass windows
Candles burning peacefully
Candles burning peacefully
Stianed glass closer look
Close photo of stained glass window
Old clock - one of many in the cathedral
Old clock – one of many in the cathedral
Vicars' Close ancient stone architecture
Vicars’ Close ancient stone architecture
history of Vicars Close
Vicars Close sign describing historic importance

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