miami beach light blue lifeguard tower

Lifeguard tower, 15 colorful beach photos at South Beach Miami

Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Lifeguard towers of South Beach Miami may very well be the reason to visit the famous beach and take some great beach scenes pictures. Bring your camera and go for a walk, the location is great and will reward you with beautiful beach photos. It maybe ocean pictures or sunrise and sunset pics. Of course explore Miami beach itself by either walking, running, biking, swimming, or simply bathing in the sun. But do not forget to capture the most memorable beach scenes to take home with you. Lifeguard tower at South Beach Miami stands about 50 yards from oceanfront and is about 200-300 yards from the next one.

Turquoise and peach lifeguard station
Pastel tropical colors of a lifeguard station
Person at the lifeguard tower, orange and yellow colors
On the lookout, colorful lifeguard tower

Lifeguards in Miami are busy year-round since the ocean is warm thanks to gulf stream current and there are always people in the ocean. There are almost always substantial winds and waves which make lifeguard observations a challenge. This weather is good for taking amazing ocean pictures, close images of waves, clouds pics. This is also good for water sports such as surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, etc. Taking beach photos of people doing various activities in the ocean is a fun pastime and makes you want to do it as well.

The lifeguard at Miami beach needs good training and equipment to deal with difficult conditions. The lifeguard tower is an important component of beach safety and has to provide good observation of the beach and oceanfront. When you see lifeguards equipped with binoculars and all other life-saving gear that really gives you peace of mind because as mentioned before there are lots of people on the beach and in the water and crashing waves make it difficult to spot if somebody needs help.

Beach photo of lifeguard tower
Tall building backdrop for lifeguard hut, beach scene
South Pointe lifeguard tower
Lighthouse like lifeguard tower near South Pointe Park

Lifeguard towers are also great for taking beach pictures and fun to look at. Lifeguard tower of South Beach Miami gets one closer to the art deco culture of Miami Beach. Each lifeguard hut has a unique design and color scheme. Some of the lifeguard huts have funky geometric shapes and bright colors – signature marks of art deco design. Art Deco colors are usually pastel typical for South Beach Miami – green, blue, pink, and yellow. There is one lifeguard tower designed with Stars and Stripes colors, one in yellow and orange, the other in turquoise and peach.  The last lifeguard tower near South Pointe park is shaped like a lighthouse and painted red and white – classic lighthouse scheme.

Lummus park beach access sand path
Sand dunes of Lummus park, beach background
Morning stretch at the beach
People exercising at the beach near lifeguard tower
art deco designs at Miami beach
Lifeguard station and art deco buildings of Miami beach
Grey and green art deco design
Funky art deco design in grey and green

Lifeguard towers photo gallery


Red, white and blue beach hut with stars
Stars and Stripes lifeguard tower
Lifeguard tower in pastel colors
Pastel-colored lifeguard hut
Beach scenes of Miami Beach
Beach chairs, umbrellas and lifeguard tower in a beach scene
art deco lifeguard station colored in white, blue and orange
Brightly colored art deco lifeguard tower
Brown, yellow and white lifeguard hut
Brown, yellow and white lifeguard tower
Lifeguard hut at Miami beach
White, orange and black lifeguard tower
Often found on south beach beautiful sea creatures
Often found on South Beach beautiful sea creatures
Geometric design of the lifeguard hut
The geometric roof of the lifeguard hut
south beach Miami Lifeguard hut
Lifeguard tower

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