Atlantic City beach from Revel to Taj Mahal, 20 summer pictures

Atlantic city beach with lifeguard on duty

Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
Latitude: 39.3623, Longtitude: -74.4120

Atlantic City has one of the longest boardwalks in the world. It is almost six miles long, lined with magnificent hotels on one side and spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean on the other. FPImages presents a collection of beach photographs which show the beautiful Atlantic City beach with golden sand and soft ocean waves.

Summer picture of AC beach
Beach rentals hut at Atlantic city beach

The Atlantic City beach is an excellent tourist place to visit. Atlantic city boardwalk isĀ  an exciting part of the city with magnificent hotels to stay. The casinos are a huge draw, but folks can also take leisurely strolls along the famous boardwalk right beside the Atlantic Ocean or relax on a sandy beach.

atlantic city summer cityscapes
Revel Hotel and Casino and famous Atlantic City boardwalk cityscape

The Atlantic City is famous for Ocean Pier, built in 1882 as an amusement facility. Tourists from all over the world come here attracted to the Steel Pier which opened in 1898 and the Million Dollar Pier which is now The Pier Shops at Caesars. People know Atlantic City today as a gambling hotspot, but Atlantic City beach, its history and natural beauty is much more interesting than slot machines.

People at the beach and Steel Pier
People enjoying the beach near Steel Pier, Atlantic City, New Jersey

When you are looking for a good vacation on the East coast, there are several places for you to choose, but Atlantic City beach and boardwalk are free to enjoy for all. Atlantic City beach is wide, long and beautiful. This is a great beach to visit in summer. It is a great late spring and summer getaway, considering all unique attractions that this city offers and many various activities to suit every kind of visitor.

 beach patrol hut, atlantic city beach cityscapes
Lifeguard building – AC BP Atlantic City Beach Patrol logo and Revel casino

Atlantic City beaches are fabulous and inviting. Go for a walk on the beach – night or day, and you will have a wonderful new experience with the ocean on one side and breathtaking cityscapes on the other. The beach is warm and pleasant in summer. Its natural beauty and relaxing atmosphere offer as much pleasure and fun as people expect on a beach. If you enjoy outdoor photography consider taking pictures of lifeguard huts and lifeboats. These summer beach pictures will remind you later about fun times at the beach.

Revel hotel, Atlantic City, New Jersey
Revel Hotel

Where and when to go to the beach depending on the time of day and events that Atlantic City creates for its guests. Walking to the beach is easy, as there are many beach entrance gates along the boardwalk. Spending some time on the beach is a great idea for all who wants to get away from the the crowded boardwalk.

AC beach lifeguard tower
Lifeguard tower and lifeboat at AC beach

Kids playing with waves and older people listening waves music, bronzed young skin bouncing with life- everything makes you feel relaxed, calm and happy. It is a nice to appreciate simple things in life.

atlantic city beach Revel hotel and sand dunes
Beautiful architecture of Revel Hotel

The Atlantic City beach between Revel and Taj Mahal is quieter that the centrally located beach areas. You will have no trouble to find and enjoy the Atlantic City history museum and appreciate the panoramic cityscapes view from its large stone patio above the ocean.

Beach pictures near Revel, Showboat casinos
People enjoy the sun, colorful beach pictures

No matter the kind of vacationer you are, Atlantic City beach has something to offer you. All you need to do is plan your vacation well in advance to get yourself some time reserved for a quiet walk on the beach and to have good time in the museum.

Revel Hotel and Casino
Contrasting lines of Revel architecture
Lifeboat of AC beach patrol, AC museum
Atlantic City beach patrol boat
AC beach scenic cityscape
Couple under brightly colored beach umbrella
People under bright umbrella at the beach, Revel, Atlantic City, New Jersey
AC beach at Taj Mahal casino
Taj Mahal Hotel and Casino
Lifeguard tower and lifeboat
Lifeguard tower and lifeboat
Beach scene, Taj Mahal hotel in AC, New Jersey
Lifeguard tower and rescue board, Taj Mahal beach
Atlantic City beach lifeboat
Atlantic City beach lifeboat
famous Landshark Bar and Grill
Beach front restaurant – famous Landshark Bar and Grill
Lunchtime at Landshark Bar and Grill
Lunchtime at Landshark Bar and Grill
beach view of Revel in AC, travel images free image
Revel Hotel and Casino, Atlantic City cityscapes from the beach

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