Beautiful mountain lake Trecolpas in Mercantour National Park

Beautiful nature and amazing hikes in South of France Mercantour National Park


Mercantour National Park is within an hour’s drive from French Riviera. Many tourists visit South France every year and mostly enjoy famous places such as Cannes, Antibes, Nice etc. However, many do not know they can escape the busy coast and enjoy the great nature in the nearby mountains.

Hiking trails are well marked

Cote d’Azur official page has a lot of resources about the Mercantour National Park. This site is an excellent resource for all things to do and see in this Mediterranean region.  You can read about hikes, refuges and wildlife in the park.

Checking the map before the hike is a good idea

Hiking is the main activity in this park. There are many trails for various travels. Here is a suggestion for one day or two-day trip, depending if you want to spend a night in the Mountains in the refuge.

Mountain landscape and lake Trecolpas in Mercantour National Park
Mountain lake Trecolpas in the morning

First, drive to the village of Boreon – about 75km from Nice. Then drive along the main road Le Boreon in the direction of the restaurant L’alplage. You will find a gravel parking lot there to leave a vehicle.

The hiking trail map, and information are shown on a special stand. The hiking trail also starts there and is well-marked.

Refuge Cougourde – a place to stay in the Mercantour National Park
Steep hiking path to the twin lakes Bessons in French Alps

Mercantour National Park has many places to stay overnight called refuges.  You can find references on Cote d’Azur website.

French Federation of Alpine Clubs     also offers a list of shelters you can book. These hostels have limited facilities and bedrooms are shared. Usually, you can get meals and when the weather is warm, you can get a shower.

Rocky shores of the mountain lakes Bessons
Challenging climb at the hiking trail in Mercantour Park, France

What: Mountain hiking             Where: Mercantour National Park                                            When: Picture story was taken in September

Suggestions: 1. Take a paper map as mobile coverage is problematic.    2. Good footwear is essential because of the rough terrain and streams.    3. Use the mountain guide if you are not sure of your navigation skills.

Cows on the Alpine meadow, elevation 2,100 meters French Alps
Refuge Cougourde is part of the French Alpine Club
People enjoying the sunshine after a long hike, refuge Cougourde

Boreon to refuge Cougourde hike photo gallery

High mountains surround Refuge Cougourde
Hiking path in the French Alps
White thistle flowers in autumn, South of France
Narrow hiking path in the woods in the French mountains
The hiking trail follows the small brook and is quite rocky and narrow
Hiking trail view from higher elevation
Evergreen branch – beautiful nature of the French Alps
Picturesque stream and small waterfall in the French mountains
The tricky part of the hiking trail to the refuge in the mountains
Amazing hiking through the forest in the French mountains
A stream in the forest in the French Alps
Hiking trail crossing the small brook

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