Sierra Nevada Mountain range as seen from Seqouia National park

Sequoia National Park great outdoors, hiking trails in Sierra Nevada Mountains

Sequoia National Park, California, USA


Sequoia National Park is one of the best outdoor California adventures. Its hiking trails in Sierra Nevada Mountains draw many outdoor enthusiasts. Sequoia National Park is about a 4-hour drive from Los Angeles so when you plan a trip think about accommodations or bring a tent if you plan on camping. Sierra Nevada Mountains will amaze with their rugged and natural beauty. Bring your camera as there will be many beautiful landscapes and vistas to photograph. These nature pictures can be used later as desktop backgrounds, or you can even make your own calendar.

Twisting and climbing road with hairpin turns approaching Sequoia Forest
Route 198 climbing to Sequoia National Park
California hiking and great outdoors, Sequoia National Park Road Sign
Sequoia National Park Road Sign, things to do in California

Sequoia National Park is easily accessible via route 198, which will take you to Giant Forest Museum. The information center there will have maps and other details – which hiking trails are open, weather conditions, etc. Allow some time there to see and enjoy the largest redwood trees in the world. You can take and add gorgeous nature pictures to your own photo gallery. Very close to Giant Forest Museum is the Moro Rock hiking trail. The hiking trail follows the easy path along this large granite dome and is paved with concrete. But the climb is strenuous and is closed during thunderstorms.

Beautiful landscapes from this hiking trail will take your breath away. Mountains landscape photography produces great images that will increase the value of any photo gallery. When back home, use these mountains landscapes, do not just dump them on your hard drive. These nature pictures can have many uses, as mentioned before – from desktop backgrounds to screen savers. Many services are available to print these beautiful landscapes on any number of objects, including window curtains. Or you can make your own travel images calendar.

mountains landscapes - Moro rock perfect for outdoor adventures - hiking and climbing
Magnificent Sierra Nevada mountains – Moro Rock
Sierra nevada mountains hiking trails, things to do in California
Moro Rock – large granite dome with hiking trail and climbing galore

Photography tips for landscape photography:

Sierra Nevada mountains, climber on the face of Moro Rock, things to do in California
Climbing Moro Rock, California adventure in Sierra Nevada Mountains
Moro rock hiking trail, Great Western Divide landscape
Hiking trail to the top of Moro Rock, Great Western Divide

1. Pay attention to details; landscapes are best with proper composition.

2. Use a wide-angle lens, set the correct aperture/shutter speed for desired depth of field, and use a tripod.

Sequoia National Park Moro rock hiking, mountains landscapes
Moro rock hiking trail and mountains
Route 198 in Sierra Nevada Mountains, landscape photography
California Road Trip Ideas – winding road to Sequoia national park

3. Sunrise and sunset offer the best lighting for landscape photography.

4. During midday, use a polarizing filter when sunny or a haze filter if it is overcast.

Sequoia National Park hiking Moro rock, California adventure
Moro rock hiking trail, Great Western Divide landscape
Steep hiking trail to Moro rock with some oak trees, travel images
Oak trees clinging to cliffs, Moro rock hiking
Sierra Nevada mountains Great Western divide in snow, beautiful landscapes
Great Western Divide mountains, beautiful landscapes
hiking between granite boulders of Moro Rock, California adventures
Narrow and steep hiking trail through granite boulders of Moro rock

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