steamship Great Britain golden decorations

Museum ship Great Britain – proud piece of maritime history

Great Western Dockyard, Bristol, UK

The Museum ship Great Britain represents an essential period in maritime history. The 1800s were exciting times in Britain’s industrial history. Changes were happening in manufacturing – substitution of hand labor by machines, wood for steel, horsepower for steam, and coal energy. It was a time of great engineers. One such personality was Isambard Kingdom Brunel – an innovator and visionary who designed and build the Steam Ship Great Britain – the first iron hull ship with a propeller and the largest of its time.

Luxury of the dining room
First-class dining room
Golden Unicorn figure and ships motto and symbols
ss Great Britain bow unicorn figure, ships motto and symbols

Ship Great Britain was revolutionary at its time and credit goes to great industrial engineer Isambard Brunel. Brunel created many other engineering projects including railways, bridges, and tunnels. SS Great Britain was built in 1843 in Bristol, England, and remained the largest passenger vessel until 1854. Like many ships of her time, she could carry both passengers and cargo. But an iron hull and propeller propulsion made Great Britain’s first and unique marine engineering experiment that turned out to be a significant industrial achievement.

If you happen to look for things to do in Bristol definitely consider visiting this museum. This is also a great road trip idea when traveling in the UK by car because you will find other things to do in this historic city. The ship Great Britain is now restored and open to visitors at Great Western dockyards in Bristol. It is a famous landmark worth exploring.

Museum Entrance sign saying Great Western Dockyards, free image
Golden sign at the Great Western Dockyards
Coat of Arms at the aft
Coat of Arms at the aft

SS Great Britain is located in the original dry dock where she was built. When stepping on board, you can see a large spacious deck, tall masts decorated with flags, and the steering wheel. Inside steam engine room impresses with its size, and first-class dining area – with its splendor. Many artifacts are displayed from original silverware, plates, captains’ journal entries, passenger diaries, and even the menu.  SS Great Britain made many voyages and remained in service for over 40 years. She truly represents an integral part of marine engineering and maritime history.

Decorated in white and gold stern
White and golden decorations of the transom stern
First, second and third class menu options
Menu showing different options for saloon, second and third class
Blue crest on tableware
Ships crest on the table plates

Steamship Great Britain museum pictures

Commemorative P.A.Mumm & Reims champagne bottle, 1842
P.A.Mumm & Reims champagne bottle circa 1842
Royal mail stamp and map of voyages on the postcard
Historic postcard with voyages map
Second deck inside the ship
Inside the ship on the second deck
bunk beds inside second class cabin
Second class cabin
Exterior hull construction with iron plates
Iron plates and rivets of the ship
Caisson steel door at the graving dock
Steel door to the dry dock
Ships rudder copy
Replica of the ship’s rudder
Propeller with six blades replaced later with four
Original six blades propeller
Carvings of the names in the ships boards
Carvings of the names in the boards of the ship
Drawing of the sectional plan
Sectional plan of the ship
Pages from gold seeker diary
Diary of the gold seeker
Ship navigating between icebrgs
Painting of ss Great Britain sailing in southern ocean between icebergs
Wooden rudder rotten but preserved
Preserved remnants of the ship steering rudder
Excerpt from captains journal
Journal entry from captains log
Great Britain stranded on the shoal near Ireland
Ship ran aground near Ireland
Engine room brass communication pipe
Copper communication tube
Chain gears in the engine room
Giant engine chain gear
Fore, main and mizen masts composite design
Construction of fore, main and mizen masts
Names of various masts
Names of various masts
Sailing ship mast
Original mast
Masts of ss Great Britain at the museum in Bristol
View of the museum across the channel
Flags flying on one of the masts
Mast flying festive colors

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