Royal Crescent building in Bath, UK

Bath, UK offers great opportunity for exploring Roman spa and architecture

Bath, Somerset, UK

Bath is a short drive from London and is an excellent candidate for a road trip. It is a small town with a population of about 80 thousand people, but once it was one of the largest in England. In Celtic and then Roman times, Bath was famous for its hot springs. Today, the Roman Baths and Museum are the main attractions, as well as the Pump Room, a building nearby where visitors can try the waters from spring and have a bite at the restaurant. These two buildings are considered historical and are located at the same square as Bath Abbey.

Wide angle view of the Royal Crescent and the lawn in front, free image
Large green lawn in front of the Royal Crescent
Street dispplay of flowers for sale
Colorful flower shop

The exterior of these structures is yellow – a signature sign of local Bath stone. It can be seen in architecture everywhere around the town. A short walk away, tourists can find many more examples of beautiful architectural designs. The Pulteney bridge, completed in the 18th century across the river Avon, is a beautiful example of the Palladian style.

Exploring further may take one to the Circus – a completely round Georgian building in three sections. A couple hundred yards to the West is the Royal Crescent, also of Georgian style in architecture and residential townhouses. Bath has always been popular with the Royals; the local population returned the favor. The Monument to Queen Victoria, “erected with loyalty and love” by the women of Bath, is proof of that. Again, it is a great town to visit on a day trip; Bath is only 90 miles from London and about 12 miles from Bristol.

Ceiling detail of the Pump Room in Bath, UK.
The grand dome of the Pump Room building
Royal Crescent lawn
Ample green space near Royal Crescent


Columns and windows of the Royal Crescent
The facade of the building has beautiful columns
Curved fence and road around the Royal Crescent
Gentle curve of the Royal Crescent
Georgian architectural design sample
Grand Georgian architecture
Decorated entrance to the pub, Bath UK
Pub on the streets of Bath, UK
Clock tower, Bath
The clock tower, Bath
Queen Victoria monument in Bath, UK
Queen Victoria monument in Bath, UK
Flower shop on Pulteney Bridge, UK
The stonework of the Pulteney Bridge crossing River Avon
Attractions directions street sign in Bath
Street sign directing tourists to attractions in Bath
Main tower with clock of Bath Abbey
Central Tower with the clock of Bath Abbey
Walcot street in Bath detail of stonework.
Old stone wall and arch in Walcot Street, Bath, UK
View from main square at the Roman bath museum
Roman Baths Museum and the Pump Room

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