Historic Botanical Gardens in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada

Beautiful landscapes of tidal river salt marshes and dykes

Scenic view of salt marshes, dykes and tidal river, beautiful landscapes

Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada
Latitude: 44.7380, Longtitude: -61.5131

Historic botanical gardens of Annaplois Royal, Nova Scotia offer a nice walk and are delight to anyone interested in nature. Annapolis Royal is about 3 hours drive from Halifax. Plan a trip to this area and you can also enjoy other Nova Scotia attractions: Fort Anne, Kejimkujik National park, Upper Clements park. You can also find several hiking trails with waterfall nearby. If you plan a trip to come to Halifax via Yarmouth ferry, then include Annaplois Royal and historic botanical gardens in your road trip ideas.

Entrance building of botanical gardens
Botanical gardens well maintained grounds and administration building

Historic gardens are open from May until October. There is always something blooming at the gardens and you can take lots of pictures of flowers. Because of hours of operation it is hard to arrive at special times of day like sunrise and sunset when light is best for landscape photography. However, if you plan a trip you can still capture some of the morning or evening lighting. There will be less visitors as well during those hours. If you do arrive during the day you can use polarizing filter which will make your pictures stand out. Annapolis Royal is very close to Bay of Fundy and often skies will be overcast during the day. This will provide even and shadow free lighting for your spring images, take advantage of it.

spring photo of botanical garden shop
Botanical Gardens Shop, spring

Botanical gardens  are beautiful  in the spring, here many flowers and trees are in full bloom. There are lots of varieties of tulips, daffodils, azaleas blooming in the spring. To add more excellent pictures of flowers to your photo gallery, you should try to use macro lens. This type of lens will produce beautiful detailed pictures of flowers with professional detail and background.

Vine covered trellis spring in botanical gardens
Trellis in the spring and distant image of salt marsh and tidal river

1. Plan a trip and try to capture morning or evening light.

Spring Images, hedge with evergreens and trellis
Botanical Gardens Hedge example, spring images

2. If the skies are grey compose your spring image without them.

Knot Garden represents english garden layout, spring images
Knot Garden – English Garden Design with lavender, beautiful old tree

3. Bring a macro lens, set correct aperture/shutter speed for desired depth of field, use tripod.

Pyramid shaped bushed in Knot Garden
Manicured English Garden, Nova Scotia botanical gardens

4. Clearly identify subject of your photo, it does not have to be in the center of your composition, but it has to be in focus.

Nova Scotia rocks used to create rock fountain, cypress trees image
Rock Fountain and Cypress Tree Alley in Governor’s Garden
spring landscaping in progress at perennial garden
Perennial garden, work never stops at botanical gardens, spring images
a bench near a pond in the gardens
Garden pond and a bench, a place for a break
Serene landscape of the gardens in the spring
Spring image of large trees along the garden path
Heather bushes at botanical gardens in nova scotia, spring
Nova Scotia heather flower bed
Pine Tree sweeping branches, landscape photography
Scenic picture of a pine tree
Driftwood amid rocks, background of salt march and tidal flat dykes
Driftwood and rocks sculpture landscape picture
Boardwalk passing above Norfolk Reed also known as elephant grass
Boardwalk in Norfolk Reed (Elephant grass), landscape photography of salt marshes and dykes

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