Nova Scotia Hiking Trails, 10 Forest Pictures

Rock in nova scotia forest with moss, ferns and other things

Forest Rock covered with Moss and Ferns, free image

Falls Lake, Nova Scotia, Canada
Latitude: 44.8449, Longtitude: -64.2517

Nova Scotia hiking trails are a great opportunity to get outside and replenish your photo gallery with nature pictures. If you are looking for things to do in Nova Scotia, plan a trip and include a walk through beautiful Nova Scotia forest. Hiking trails may take you to see the ocean, river or waterfall, there are many outdoor adventures in Nova Scotia. Most of the time these hiking trails will pass through Nova Scotia forest. This forest maybe quite different, as Nova Scotia stretches for over 300 miles from Cape Breton to Yarmouth. Climate and geology varies a lot and so does the forest.

Lichen on a tree trunk, nature pctures
Lichen, common to Nova Scotia forest, common names: lungwort or lung lichen, scientific name: Lobaria pulmonaria
Common names lungwort, lung lichen, scientific name - Lobaria pulmonaria
Lichen camouflage, forest nature pictures

Nova Scotia weather is humid, with lots of fog and rain. So prepare well for these outdoor adventures. First plan a trip, find hiking trail map or description. Always have weatherproof coat and a decent bag for the camera.  It is a good practice  to let friends know about your hiking just to be safe. Also charge batteries of all the gear – cell phone, gps, camera. Have another look at the manual for the camera and learn where all the buttons are. For great nature pictures you have to know how change settings quickly. Stuff will get onto the lens in the forest for sure, so have a lens wipe to clean it.

Nova Scotia hiking trails are very safe, but still be aware of wildlife and do not feed it. Leave the hiking trail in good condition for others to enjoy and take nature pictures.

Nova Scotia forest lichen, detail nature pictures
Lung Lichen shows that forest is healthy and free from pollution
White birch trunk and bark, nature pictures
Macro image of white birch bark, desktop backgrounds picture

1. Pay attention to details, forest has many features for nature pictures.

2. Bring a macro lens, set correct aperture/shutter speed for desired depth of field, use tripod.

nova scotia forest sphagnum moss nature pictures
Sphagnum moss near a stream in a forest
nova scotia hiking trail with rocks and moss
Hiking trail covered with moss like a carpet

3. Have camera ready, wildlife can appear very quickly.

4. Experiment  with camera position, angle of the nature pictures, for example try “caterpillar” view.

Old stumps make excellent nature pictures
Old stump in the forest, desktop backgrounds picture
Young spruce tree growing on old stump, symbol of life and regeneration, abstract art
Symbol of old and new, abstract art concept
Forest mushroom and moss covered stump
Mushroom on an old stump, forest nature pictures

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