Melon and watermelon carvings make unqiue table centerpiece

Beautiful food decoration at Riu Negril resort

Riu Negril resort

Food carvings that decorate the main buffet at Riu Negril resort in Jamaica set it apart. There are many decorations carved from various fruits and vegetables that make unique centerpieces. These carvings are made fresh every day and are very elaborate.

Watermelon carved as a flower, amazing table decor
A beautiful table decorated with a lobster carved out of vegetables

The main buffet restaurant at Riu Negril resort is located close to the beach and the sitting area is open and the views of the Caribbean sea are gorgeous. The buffet’s food selection is good adding Jamaican specialties such as jerk chicken. There are stations for self-serve beer and wine and soft drinks. Generally, this is a typical buffet at all-inclusive Caribbean resorts. However, the food presentation makes it special.

Tropical fish carved out of squash
Vegetable carving – nice fish cut out from squash
Decorative vegetable carvings look like real art
Table decoration with carved fruits and vegetables
Table decoration squash carving in a shape of a bird

Carved watermelon decoration
Fish and flowers cut from vegetables decorate the table
Bird carving makes a nice centerpiece
Funny looking animal carved our of squash and other vegetables
Cantaloupe carved food decoration at the buffet restaurant

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