Abstract clouds at sunrise

Sunrise in Mojave desert paints desert landscapes in unique colors, practical photography tips

Twentynine Palms, California, USA
Latitude: 34.1509, Longtitude: -115.9860


If you plan a trip to the desert or happen to be traveling through one, use this chance to capture some of the most striking colors in nature. Twentynine Palms, California near Joshua Tree National Park is a great place to explore the desert, experience desert living, and take stunning desert travel images.

Desert landscape photography at sunrise, amazing colors
Vibrant saturated colors of the desert sunrise


Sunrise lights up desert plants, landscape photogrpahy
Desert plants in the desert landscape during sunrise

Airbnb has a great selection of houses or cottages in this area. The experience of staying in the desert will be unforgettable, especially if you take lots of pictures.


Twentynine Palms has a very typical desert climate with substantial temperature drops at night. At sunrise be prepared to bundle up as it will be cold. Also, pay attention to your camera as it may fog up when brought outside of a warm house. Get up early, approximately 30 minutes before sunrise time. There will be plenty of light in the sky, although low light may require the use of a tripod.

Tamarisk tree silhouette at sunrise in the desert. travel images
Tamarisk tree silhouette at sunrise in the desert
Desert texture and long shadows at sunrise. abstract images
Long shadows at sunrise, abstract art pictures

Colors change very fast during sunrise, it would be a good idea to prepare the day before by selecting the best vantage points and directions where to take desert landscape pictures. This will make morning landscape photography much more pleasant and will allow you to concentrate more on the scenery and beauty of the desert sunrise.

Experiment with various camera settings – aperture/shutter speed to obtain desired effect and take many photographs. Remember to look around, you may find the best views and scenes in the most unusual places.  Morning light falling at a low angle creates long shadows and highlights textures that may be quite striking in abstract art images.

Mountains and desert landscape at sunrise, travel images
Mountains and desert landscape at sunrise
Mojave desert sunrise near Twentynine Palms, travel images
Mojave desert sunrise near Twentynine Palms

Find an abandoned home and take some pictures around it, get creative with angles and details.

As always in the desert remember to drink lots of water, wear appropriate footwear and be aware of your surroundings. It is easy to get completely involved in the process of photography and put yourself into a dangerous situation. This may be getting too close to the edge of the cliff, stepping on sharp objects, or being bit by an insect or an animal. Exercise common sense and you will bring home many desert travel images to show off to your friends, and use as abstract art or desktop backgrounds.

Vibrant colors and desert plant texture, nature pictures
Vibrant colors and desert plant texture
Messed up interiors of an abandoned home, abstract images
Messed up interiors of an abandoned home


Tree branch and roof beams, nature vs man made abstract images
Tree branch and roof beams, nature vs man-made abstract images
Bright wood texture and three nails, abstract images
Bright wood texture and three nails
Texture of desert sand in sunrise light, free image
Desert texture at sunrise, abstract image

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