Twentynine Palms is a great off the beaten path high desert escape for abstract art photography

Abstract images of an borken and decaying swing in the desert

Broken and decaying swing, desert abstract art

Twentynine Palms, California, USA
Latitude: 34.1509, Longtitude: -115.9860

If you would like to escape it all and have some time off, get away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, then plan a trip to Twentynine Palms. This is a small town in a high desert location just north of Joshua Tree National Park. This off the beaten path location is an excellent retreat for anyone enjoying some quiet time, nature and fresh clean air. To plan a trip to this and to really get desert living experience stay away from big hotels – there are a few there catering to the visitors to Joshua Tree national park. Good alternative is Airbnb – check out their site. You can find many beautiful homes and cottages there to fit any budget.

twentynine palms dirt road, travel images
Sand road to a cottage, plan a trip tips
Sand street name wooden post fading, travel images
29 palms sand road sign post, plan a trip tips


Many of these vacation homes will be located off the main roads and accessible  only via sand streets, but do not be concerned. This dirt roads are fine for all vehicles. just pay attention to the signs that say “Road not maintained”. Some of the street names are painted on wooden posts and have faded and not easy to spot. When you plan a trip to Twentynine Palms try to arrive during daytime, this will make your search for the cottage much less stressful – there are no street lights at night.

detail of a house wreck near 29 palms, abstract images
Abandoned house in high desert, abstract art images
Old wooden table and house side with paint peeling off, abstract art
Abstract scene at abandoned home, abstract images


If you like photography this will be a great opportunity to practice taking abstract art images. If not, then just enjoy the desert landscapes, beautiful  nature, rest and relax.  This is a prefect place to sit under the stars at night and ponder about meaning of life.

Details of a table with knife, fork and cups, meal that stretched forever, abstract images
Knife, fork and couple of cups, eternal breakfast abstract art
29 Palms vast desert landscape
High desert landscapes, travel images near Twentynine Palms

Somewhere along these sand streets you will see abandoned homes and wrecks overtaken by nature.


Broken toilet tank decaying in the desert
Broken toilet tank decaying in the desert
Old house in the desert landscape, deseert living abstract images
Deserts landscape – electric posts, rusty water tanks near the house, travel images

You can find scenes of a breakfast taken maybe 10 or 20 years ago, people long gone and nature slowly consuming, processing and erasing our traces.


Nature will recycle and erase all human traces, abstract art
Nature recycling human leftovers, abstract images.
House falling apart in the desert. natural cycle abstract art photography
House falling apart in the desert. natural cycle abstract art photography


High desert has many features that contribute to excellent abstract art photography – clean crisp air and abundance of various textures. Desert sand ripples, old dried out wood, intricate patterns of desert plants. Take your time walk around and you will start noticing these small details.

Pattern of old rusty tin cans on the desert sand, abstract art photography
A bunch of tins cans exposed to desert elements, abstract images
29 palms abstract art photography
abandoned home in the desert, abstract images

Photography tips for abstract art photography:

1. Do not think about composing the images, take lots of pictures based on your feelings, sort and think later.

1. Get up early for  sunrise light, or wait for sunset to get the most out of desert light.

2. Remember to experiment with aperture for opposing depth of field effects.

3. If you have a tripod use it in low light situations.

4. Experiment with bracketing modes for high dynamic range photos.

5. Clean the lens from the dust and other particles.


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