Waterfalls experiment with water abstract images, 10 black and white photos

Free image, water ripples closeup picture

Ripples abstract black and white photo, free image

Falls Lake, Nova Scotia, Canada
Latitude: 44.8449, Longtitude: -64.2517

Water images have a dual nature. On hand they are easy to take – water is always around us. On the other hand it is hard to notice and capture in water images all intricate subtleties of water texture, reflections and details. Waterfalls are nature’s spectacular shows, falling water continues to fascinate people. In this post FPImages presents 10 water abstract images taken at Millet Falls, Nova Scotia. Black and white photos are better suited for this project as color is a distraction in water images. First water image is a classic example of how water texture may look like. This is a photo of a small forest stream with streaks of seaweed. Photo itself has lots of artifacts similar to the film pictures, however these are just particles on the surface of the water. This image also captured unusual black and white reflections and shapes that create total abstraction. Remember to look for unusual features and take lots of pictures, they may reveal a really nice water texture¬† later.

black and white abstract image of water texture
Unusual water texture, abstract art
Abstract art, black and white photo concentrates on depicting concept of power
Abstract images symbolize concepts, yin & yang, moving and static

Waterfalls are powerful, especially in the spring in Nova Scotia, when rivers are full and current is swift. Power of the falling water has great symbolism and contrasts with the steadiness of the rock, Chinese include waterfall in their concept of yin and yang. Waterfall pictures can make an excellent abstract art or can be used as desktop backgrounds. Nature photography inevitably includes water images, for static water one can use regular techniques. For moving or falling water one of the tips is to slow down the shutter speed and let the passage of the water be captured by the camera.  This water image will in fact become an abstract image with beautiful water texture and lines showing water movement. The slow shutter speed will smooth out all irregularities and resulting water image will have a dream-like impression. To achieve impressionism effect in modern digital abstract art experiment with shutter speed settings.


Fast flowing river - abstract image concept of movement
Fast river flow, symbol of spring and power of nature
Great as desktop wall paper - water texture abstract art
River water texture is always different, desktop background

Photography tips for taking water abstract images:

1. Walk around the river, lake or waterfall, get a feel for it and find the best spot.

Abstract images depict concepts of movement, change and are perfect for desktop backgrounds
Constant Movement and Change Conceptual Abstract Art
Old branch in the fast flowing river, water images
River in the spring, black and white photo

2. Take pictures at sunrise and sunset.

3. Use zoom lens to capture water texture with slow shutter speed, use tripod.

waterfalls water abstract images
Whitewater rapids on the river
Abstract images taken at waterfalls
Waterfalls on the river, abstract images experiments

4. Look for patterns and rhythms, shapes and reflections, remember to experiment with black and white photos.

Smooth water texture showing reflections, water images
Water texture with reflections, ripples and bubbles, abstract art

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