Things to do in Cote d’Azur, plan a trip to La Colles sur Loup and enjoy European cityscapes

French city architectural photo, free image

Stone courtyard - French small town cityscape

Alpes Maritimes, France
Latitude: 43.6874, Longtitude: 7.1034

La Colle sur Loup is a very interesting destination in South of France where travelers can take amazing pictures of green hills and lovely medieval streets with stone buildings turned into small restaurants, shops and businesses. If you are thinking of things to do while in Nice, plan a trip to this small Provence town. For budget travel take public bus from Nice for around 2 euros.

south france european cityscapes
Bell tower architecture in town center

La Colle sur Loup bell tower is very prominent building  and has typical for this area design. Old buildings look great today, but before you photograph it, take your time, walk around, get a feel for the best angle that you like.  In order to take amazing old building photographs think about light and shadows, if possible try to be there closer to sunrise or sunset. Such pictures of buildings will really stand out.

Medieval streets and fabulous light stone buildings in Provence feature surprising and delicate architectural details, spectacular doors and window designs. These travel images will be a great help if you ever decide to get inspired by French charm.¬† A stone gateway, towers and a chapel are other opportunities to enjoy French architecture and take great pictures of old buildings in Cote d’Azur.

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Walking through the Canadel gate:

Canadel gate - great example of medieval streets, travel images
Canadel gate a must see old street, La Colles sur Loup

immerses a visitor in the Southern France atmosphere and inspire to take lots of photographs. Visiting the historic center with its lively shopping streets and old narrow streets is enjoyable and inviting. Every building and stone, meaningful and precious, make you feel the history. Little squares with fountains hidden in the shadow of large trees, stone architecture, decorated with climbing plants, wonderful carved doors and windows give great inspirations to create an architecture photo gallery, reflecting the unique French charm of this small town.

For many years La Colle sur Loup was the capital of the perfume rose. Today it is renowned for its antique shops and decorators, cozy restaurants with homemade food and crafts.
La Colle sur Loup streets attract artists and photographers, eager to reflect its charming Provence character in original photography or artworks.

Town's landmark - bell tower, provence travel images
Bell tower spire is open iron structure to prevent strong winds damage
south france european cityscapes - bell tower and church
Bell tower and church

south france european cityscapes - water fountain

south france european cityscapes - narrow street in the shade
South of France European cityscapes – narrow street in the shade
south france european cityscapes - simple but beautiful stairs pictures of buildings
Simple but beautiful stairs
Street photography in Colles sur Loup, France
Street photography in Colles sur Loup, France
Traditional trades festival in September draws lots of visitors, street photography
People enjoying crafts festival, Provence travel images
rue de la Forge stone sign
rue de la Forge stone sign

south france european cityscapes - narrow street

south france european cityscapes - sunflowers decorations

south france european cityscapes - medieval architecture pictures of buildings
Picturesque arches leading to apartments, European cityscapes

south france european cityscapes

south france european cityscapes

south france european cityscapes - old iron gate
Old building and iron gate – pictures of old buildings

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