10 romantic Valentines trip ideas tips for free and easy celebration

Romantic heart shaped decoration of the hors doeurves table

Romantic heart shaped decoration of the hors doeurves table

La Romana, Dominican Republic
Latitude: 18.3437, Longtitude: -68.8227

Valentines day is a is a great celebration of love and romance and a nice opportunity to find a romantic thing to do and show your loved ones your  feelings. You do not have to spend a lot to make Valentines a charming and memorable experience. FPImages shares 10 romantic trip ideas for Valentines  that will not break your budget because they are free. These Valentines day romantic trip ideas require just a bit of planning and creativity.

Romantic trip ideas will vary according to your partner interests and preferences and this post is just an attempt to inspire and make you think outside of the box when looking for things to do for Valentines. Taking a short trip for Valentines will take you off the beaten path, break your routine and rekindle your relationship. Planning Valentines romantic trip could take more effort and time but surely will deliver more fun than following typical commercialized path of buying another gift.

Valentines day happens to be in February and while it may be fine for Italy, for many of us living in colder climates weather is an issue. Planning a romantic Valentines trip should consider weather factor and have a plan B just in case. Some of the good options could be a visit to an indoor exhibition, museum or farmers  market. Another great romantic Valentines trip idea tip is to look for specialized and unique local production facility.

1.For example, find out if there is a fine art or photography exhibit in your area,check local museums sometimes they do temporary displays for special occasions.

Elegant perfume bottles of Prince Matchabelli perfume line circa 1927
Elegant perfume bottles of Prince Matchabelli perfume line circa 1927

2.Large indoor farmers market can be a fun place to visit and explore. Vendors usually offer many tasty things to try for free. Framers markets are bright and colorful places that could be a great option if Valentines falls on the weekend.

Red bell peppers, salad greens - mesclun, tomatoes, green beans
Bright and colorful farmers market

3.Find a local distillery or winery and ask if they have free tours and tastings scheduled.

Local winery is elegant and charming trip idea
Local winery is elegant and charming trip idea

4.Take a trip to a glassmith shop and watch him make his masterpieces.

Beautiful hand made glass flowers
Beautiful hand made glass flowers

5.Look for a blacksmith and enjoy him crafting beautiful wrought iron objects.

This great romantic Valentines trip idea tip can be tailored to any taste: anything from herbal soap to  leather jackets, crystal or glass, perfumes or candles. These small local companies are usually set close to the cities in a country settings. They allow you to see their production and sometimes sample their products.

The list of romantic Valentines trip ideas tips would not be complete without mentioning such free and easy things to do as enjoying sunrise and sunset. This trip idea tip is based on the premise that sunrise and sunset are the most magical times of the day. Unfortunately, in our daily routines we forget about sunrise and sunset. Valentines day is a special occasion when sunrise and sunset play significant role and will add charm and elegance to any Valentines trip idea. If you combine sunrise and sunset with a romantic location like an old lighthouse or majestic mountain than you will have no doubt a most romantic Valentines. the location does not have to be outside of the city. This travel idea tip is to look for a special place. It maybe a high point in the city from where you can view sunrise and sunset, or it may be by the lake, pond or beach.

6. If living by the coast, look for a romantic location like a lighthouse. If you live near the port, go and watch ships come and  go.  Cruise ships often arrive to the port at sunrise and if the weather cooperates this could be a great start for a romantic Valentines.

Nautical scene at Purcell's cove, Nova Scotia
Early morning seascape – view of RMS Queen Mary 2 from scenic Purcell’s Cove

7. See if you have a mountain or hill nearby where you can go and enjoy sunrise and sunset.

Desert landscape photography at sunrise, amazing colors
Vibrant saturated colors of desert sunrise, travel photo ideas

8. Find a high elevation place somewhere around the city and go there at a magical time of day sunrise and sunset.


9. Another variation on this romantic Valentines trip ideas tip is to check the phases of the moon. Full moon or moon crescent are very delightful and will add romance to any Valentines trip. Find out the local times for moon rise or moon set, both of these celestial events are quite amazing.

A Full Moon above a Rich Patch of Saguaro Cacti
A Full Moon above a Rich Patch of Saguaro Cacti

10. Hiking is an excellent activity that is free and easy romantic Valentines trip ideas tip. Look for a hike that is close by, not too difficult and has nice views.

Winter hiking trails - romantic Valentines trip idea
Winter hiking trails – romantic Valentines trip idea

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