Classic BMW 2002 and route 66

Charming beauty of BMW 2002, affordable classic car and an icon of automotive industrial history

Twentynine Palms, California, USA

BMW 2002 was a fun driving car in the early 70-s and still is today. Charming looks of this classic car are being admired by car enthusiasts all over the world. Car designers study this icon of automotive industrial design history.

BMW 2002 car images, free image of a rear of a car
BMW 2002 tail light detail
BMW 2002 side view, industrial design pictures
Driver’s side view of BMW 2002

Simple yet unique body design of this classic car is easily recognizable. It is hard to misidentify this old car on the road. Classic sedan shape, chrome accents including pronounced chrome line that stretches from hood to trunk and of course the grille. BMW 2002 classic car grille features two round lights and two vertical BMW grilles in the middle.

By modern standards this old car is small and lacks many features such as A/C, anti-lock breaks, air bags etc. However, this is truly a driving machine that handles very well and needs a classic car enthusiast to fully appreciate it.

Industrial design pictures, BMW front grille
Classic grille BMW 2002 shows off character
Classic car front grille, old car pictures
Classic BMW 2002 front at sunset

To experience this great vehicle it is a good idea to drive it on winding roads away from major highways with heavy traffic. California is a paradise for car buffs as the dry climate makes car preservation a cinch. As well  there are many excellent routes for a fun drive. Historic Route 66 is one of such roads that is perfect for driving classic cars.

Southern California has many sand roads that are also great place to drive old cars. Huge dust cloud is part of the fun, neighbors do not mind as they do the same.

Historic route 66 and BMW 2002, car images
Route 66 in California is a fun drive in BMW 2002
Dust behind the classic car on a dirt road, car images
Driving BMW 2002 on a sand street in Twnetynine Palms.
Iconic BMW 2002 on sand road at sunset, scenic car images
Easy to recognize BMW 2002 at sunset in the desert

Car images photography tips

Amboy ghost town matches BMW 2002 character, old car photos
Classic car found its perfect match in this ghost town location
bmw 2002 classic car industrial design images
Detail of a classic car

1. Find a unique location for car photography.

2. If possible shoot at sunset and sunrise.

Retro motel sign and BMW 2002, route 66 California
Retro motel sign and BMW 2002, route 66 California

3. Choose vantage point for great composition.

4. Turn the lights on.

5. Use a tripod in daylight with long exposures for large depth of filed.


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