BMW 2002 burgundy colored hood

Classic Car Design Pictures, iconic BMW 2002 automotive design


Classic car – BMW 2002 is an icon of automotive industrial design history. The car was very successful back in the day and remains fun and cool classic car to own today. FPImages showcases 10 car design pictures in this post and one free image of a shift knob available under creative common license.

BMW 2002 old cars detail grille, automotive industrial design
BMW 2002 grille
BMW 2002 with 6-cylinder engine, industrial pictures
BMW 2002 with 6-cylinder engine

Classic BMW 2002 is an affordable old car and it makes a great project car. This particular model was retrofitted with a newer 6-cylinder engine that had just enough space in the engine compartment.

New sports seats provide excellent support when going through corners. Since this is an old car that did not have safety features it was important to installĀ  multi-point seat belts and a roll cage.

BMW 2002 old cars interior details images
Sports seats in an old car
Seat belts in a sports car, interior detail
Seat belts in a sports car, interior detail


Classic cars always have their own character and usually need lots of attention. It maybe as simple as adding oil, changing tires. But it can also mean costly repairs and possibility to get stranded somewhere on the side of the road. Always, have a way to contact someone for help or carry a set of emergency tools just in case and remember – this is part of the experience. BMW 2002 is a very good choice for a collectible classic car enthusiast. This old car will delight you with its charming exterior and deliver lots of driving pleasure thanks to its solid sports car design.

Classic car stainless steel shift knob, details of car design
Metal gear shift knob

Old car details photography tips

BMW 2002 old cars details images
BMW 2002 dashboard
Iconic hood shape, BMW 2002 classic car
Iconic hood shape of a BMW 2002 classic car

1. Use a tripod and high aperture setting for large depth of filed.

2. Look for patterns and shapes in car design details.

After market hood leather buckle
After market hood leather buckle

3. Try symmetry in your composition.

4. Remember the best light is at sunset and sunrise.

5. Check images for reflections, change point of view if needed.




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