pink cadillac building in california

Unusual Architectural Landmarks of California

Tarzana, California, USA

California is home to some of the best architectural landmarks, which attracts thousands of visitors to the state every year. Many of these landmarks are located in Los Angeles, which is known all over for architectural oddballs like a giant hot dog, a giant chili bowl, and a giant stack of records.

Pink Cadillac close-up
Grille and headlights of the pink car commercial structure
Coca-Cola building side view
Coca-Cola bottling plant – the Ship Architecture

One such popular landmark is the strip-mall building that is designed in the shape of a pink Cadillac. The building has been revamped with a Pepto shade of pink. Considered the first giant auto of the city, the pink two-story building is located at 19611 Ventura Boulevard in the suburb of Tarzana. The huge luxury car simply exemplifies America.

Another amusing architectural landmark of California is the Coca-Cola Building at the Coca-Cola bottling plant. This plant is designed by architect Robert V. Derrah in the form of a Streamline Moderne building and features a ship with portholes, a bridge, and a catwalk. Located on South Central Avenue in Los Angeles, this building is a must-see.

entrance doors to Coca Cola bottling plant
Detail of the doors and sign at the Coca-Cola building
Large Sculpture of Coke bottle
Large fiberglass Coca-Cola bottle

The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles is another great building featuring curved stainless-steel exterior houses. The Gamble House in Pasadena is a popular arts and crafts landmark featuring an amazing interior by Charles and Henry Greene.

Horizontal image the ship bridge - Coke plant
Red Coke sign atop the bridge of a ship
Vertical view of the red coca cola sign and factory building
Portholes, bridge, and other details of the Coca-Cola plant
High angle view of the bridge wing at Coca-Cola plant
Isolated details of the Coke plant and original sign
enlarged replica of the original coke bottle
Original Coca-Cola bottle giant statue
Front of the historic pink Cadillac mall
High angle image of the giant pink car grille
Wide angle shot of the mall - giant Cadillac auto
Cadillac car commercial building – wide-angle close-up
Headlights and Cadillac sign
Headlights and blue Cadillac sign
Stucco walls architecture of the famous strip mall
The pink color of the Cadillac landmark
Cadillac building and pink wall
Close picture of the Cadillac structure
Pink Wall Texture, free image
Close-up shot of a pink wall, Cadillac Building

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