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Classic Cars Photographs Chevrolet, Dodge and Ford

Nova Scotia, Canada

Old classic automobiles will always be admired by us. Old cars (sometimes known as antique cars or classic cars) possess some kind of special magnetism that draws people’s attention.

Antique Mecrury 1/2 ton truck grill
The grill of Mercury Half-Ton Truck Hot Wheels Paint
1950s Dodge Deluxe classic american car front badge
Dodge Deluxe Front Badge, 50-s era classic automobile

Classic Cars Photo Gallery

Cars from different eras are collected, restored, and enjoyed by enthusiasts everywhere. The car designers study all old makes and models; some of the best new car designs are based on the old classic car looks.

American Classic 1949 Dodge Deluxe sedan, trunk and badge
American Classic 1949 Dodge Deluxe sedan, trunk, and badge
1949 Dodge Deluxe sedan american old car design
1949 Dodge Deluxe Sedan view from the rear

Taking photos of cars outside during the car show is challenging. You have to watch out for many obstacles that can ruin the shot – glare, reflections, unsightly areas of the location, and people entering the frame.

Memory Lane Heritage Village in Lake Charlotte, Nova Scotia, is a perfect setting for taking old car pictures. Old buildings and Esso gas station provide an excellent backdrop.

Chevrolet v8 sports engine detail picture
V8 Engine and Air Filter, Chevy sports car
Messko Hauser Thermometer for the radiator of 1930s Ford car
Beautiful Car Design feature – Messko Hauser Radiator Thermometer, 30-s Ford car

The old cars shown there are excellent as well. Collectors bring their prized possessions to this antique and classic car show held every year around mid-June. Old cars have many fine details that make them beautiful – chrome side mirrors, huge shiny grills, and elaborate badges.

One of the oldest cars in this show is Ford Model T. Looking at this vehicle, one must appreciate how much progress was made in designing and making cars.

ford model t photo of the front of the antique car
Ford Model T, Grill, headlights and wheels view
Ford model T made in Canada wooden wheel with rivets and spokes
Wheel with wooden spokes detail (Made in Canada), Model T

However, old cars have some features that would be too expensive to have right now – real chrome and lots of it, brass, and other custom metal parts that are made out of plastic these days. Each automobile is unique and different.

Chasing profits, car companies today produce numerous car designs all based on the same platform. That probably will remain one of the main reasons why people love going to antique car shows, seeing and feeling these old but still beautiful automobiles.

chevrolet Impala original sign 1960s american classic car
Chevy Impala SS 60-s chrome and enamel emblem
Chevy half ton truck, old car image
Chevrolet half-ton red truck, front shiny grill and headlight

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