T-Rex Sue skeleton in Chicago Field Museum

Chicago field museum learn about nature and take great dinosaur pictures

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Chicago Field Museum is an educational and fun museum to explore. Plan a trip to the Field Museum and the whole family will enjoy it and bring back great dinosaur pictures.  Field Museum is located in Chicago downtown on the shores of Lake Michigan and is easy to find. This part of Chicago is known as Museum Campus and has other attractions РAquarium, Planetarium and sports stadium. You can find a map of the museum campus at the end of this post.

Bradysaurus - stocky reptile dinosaur, free image
Pareiasaurs big and bulky dinosaurs of Permian Period, Bradysaurus
Downtown Chicago lake waterfront with aquarium and planetarium
Filed Museum, waterfront view of aquarium and planetarium

Field Museum visitors are greeted by a full-size skeleton of Tyrannosaurus Rex named Sue. Large T-rex head with giant dinosaur jaws is leaning above in a menacing pose. Many people take lots of dinosaur pictures at this spot. This is one of the best-preserved dinosaur fossils ever discovered. Field Museum has a large collection of dinosaur bones and dinosaur replicas on display. It also features laboratory were scientists study fossils and visitors can see them work through large windows. People can also see the DNA lab and conservation lab and ask scientists any questions they may have.

Chicago Field Museum Grainger Hall of Gems has many artifacts from around the world including an exhibit dedicated to Chinese jade and will be of interest to many. Other collections include ancient Egypt where one can experience a replica of pharaoh tomb and see mummies. There is also an exhibition dedicated to the evolution of life on Earth and the history of the Americas. There are many nature pictures at the field museum that tells us the story of our planet and explain many phenomena. However, for most visitors dinosaur collection will be of most interest. It is an opportunity to learn about types of dinosaurs and take great dinosaur pictures.

Well preserved dinosaur bones of T-Rex Sue at Field Museum
Sue Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton, dinosaur pictures
Flying dinosaur - pterodactyl, pictures of animals at Field Museum
Flying predator – pterodactyl, pterosaurs reptile
Fossils lab and scientists at field museum
Scientists working on dinosaur fossils
Pre historic animals fossils, nature pictures
Pre historic animals fossils
Close up image of dinosaur replica at field museum
Dinosaur pictures, dinosaur replica
DNA evidence explanation information board
DNA evidence display at Field Museum
Mammoths and other animals in diorama of ancient world, pictures of animals
Diorama of ancient world with mammoths
Hindu goddess solid gold statue
Solid gold statue of a Hindu goddess, ancient art pictures
Loose gem stones - blue sapphires
Gems exhibit, large sapphires
vintage costume jewelry collection - Diamonds brooch
Diamonds brooch, vintage costume jewelry
Large gold nuggets, nature pictures
Chunk of gold nuggets found in nature
golden nuggets display, nature pictures
Samples of golden nuggets in minerals collection at Field Museum
Christmas decorations at Field Museum main hall
Field museum main hall decorated for Christmas
Chicago Field Museum campus map

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