Seaside landscape with black and white lighthouse

Martgaretsville lighthouse and Nictaux Falls – exploring Nova Scotia

Margaretsville, Nova Scotia, Canada

Margaretsville Lighthouse is a scenic spot on Bay of Fundy shores of Nova Scotia, Canada. Many visitors come to see the beautiful Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia and they usually visit main points of interest such as Annapolis Royal, Kentville, Grand Pre, Briar Island. However, there are many more small places to explore and enjoy the scenic beauty of this Canadian province.

Margaretsville Lighthouse free image
White and Black building of Margaretsville Lighthouse
Beach near Margaretsville NS
Bay of Fundy coast

Margaretsville Lighthouse area offers a great escape from it all, quiet walks on the beach, and great views of the Bay of Fundy. Huge tides made the Bay of Fundy famous worldwide. During low tide, the beach becomes even bigger and many tidal pools are formed where people can find various marine creatures such as mussels, starfish, small crabs. Sunsets are great on especially on Nova Scotian shores of the bay as the sun sets across the water. It is a perfect moment to photograph lighthouses and the coastline.

Nictaux waterfalls is another place to visit nearby. Nictaux waterfalls are located near Middleton, NS, and are perfect to spend some time by the river, take pictures and go for a hike. The hiking trail leads the way further up the river to another set of rapids.

Waterfalls at Nictaux, near Middleton
Nictaux Falls, Nova Scotia
high angle view of the lighthouse in Margarestville
Margaretsville lighthouse

Margaretsville lighthouse and Nictaux waterfalls will make your trip to Annapolis Royal more enjoyable. These totally free attractions provide a nice break from driving and allow for a nice walk in a beautiful setting. There are many lovely cottages for rent right on the shore that offer peace and tranquility. Numerous eaters serve fresh local delicacies – Digby scallops and Atlantic lobster. Local churches are very old and one can explore their historic records to find mentions of family ancestors. This area is also known for its winds and many homeowners install wind generators to take advantage of this free resource.  Include Margaretsville lighthouse and Nictaux waterfalls in your list of road trip ideas and you will not be disappointed.

Tidal pool with three pebbles
The pool of water with three rocks
Seaside landscape with black and white lighthouse
Seaside landscape with lighthouse
A sign made from driftwood and colorful buoys
Cottage for rent sign made from driftwood and old buoys, Margarestville NS
Stone beach coastline and large building
View from of the church and surrounding buildings

Margaretsville lighthouse and Nictaux waterfalls photo gallery


Bay of Fundy shores
Cliffs and the Bay of Fundy, near Margaretsville NS
Seaweed on the beach at low tide
Seaweed as seen during low tide
Marine landscape with Isle Haute, Nova Scotia
Isle Haute view from a distance, Bay of Fundy
Margaretsville church
White church in Margaretsville
Blue skies and white church architecture
Church tower against blue sky
Nictaux river and falls, spring
Waterfall in the spring in Nictaux
Old rail bridge support at Nictaux river
Old rail bridge support
Fast current and rapids at Nictaux river
Nictaux River, NS
White water in the spring, Nictaux Nova Scotia
Swift current and rapids by Nictaux falls
Rural wind generator for home use
Small wind generator at the farm

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