Victorian mansion - Haliburton House

Take a road trip to historic Haliburton House this fall

Haliburton House


Fall is wonderful in Atlantic Canada and especially in Nova Scotia. The air is clear and crisp and the trees display amazing colors. It is a great time to be outdoors and enjoy nature. Haliburton House is a historic home and estate that is open to visitors and is charming in the autumn. The place is only a short road trip from Halifax. The walk around the grounds is very pleasant and immerses us in the old Victorian days.

Haliburton house, old Victorian mansion and a chestnut tree
Beautiful grounds of Haliburton House which is also known as Clifton Estate

There are many events in October around Canadian Thanksgiving. Windsor, NS is home to the farm that grows world’s largest pumpkins and is also connected to the birth of hockey – The Dill Farm. There is an annual competition pumpkin weigh-off, that is followed by a pumpkin parade and pumpkin regatta. The pumpkins grow so big that they can support two people while floating in the water. Haliburton house is within easy walking distance from the Windsor town center. The visit to this park is very relaxing and peaceful. In the fall it rewards people with the gorgeous colors of its maple trees.

A maple tree branch almost all turned red
Maple trees in vibrant fall colors line the access road
The winding wooded road leads to the historic building
Tall evergreen tree and nice blue sky
Old apple tree in the Clifton estate orchard
Red maple leaves against blue fall sky
Large green pines contrast nicely with bright golden maple
Yellow and golden maple trees
Amazing transformation of Canadian maple from green to red in the autumn
Deep red maple leaf has fallen on the ground

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