Future of the Planet sculpture by Mark Quinn 2009

Contemporary art exhibit at Monaco Oceanographic Museum by Mark Quinn

Monaco Oceanographic Museum


Monaco Oceanographic Museum always hosts specialty exhibitions in addition to regular artifacts. When exploring this area check out the museum’s schedule of events and treat yourself to an inspiring and entertaining visit. The most recent exhibition was by Philippe Pasqua – Borderline. In 2012 Monaco Oceanographic Museum showcased works of another outstanding conceptual modern artist – Mark Quinn.

Abstract eye series round paintings
Conceptual paintings from Eye series
Self-portrait installation, made with steel, perspex and refrigeration

Mark Quinn is a British contemporary artist who works in various mediums – sculpture, paintings and modern installations. Mark Quinn applies unconventional techniques to his artworks to capture the essence of the subject and its relationship with the environment.  One of the most famous of his pieces is a series called ‘Self’ – which is a replica of his own head made with his own frozen blood.

In total the Monaco museum exhibited about 60 artworks by Mark Quinn. They were scattered throughout and created interesting associations with the regular museum items.

Rooftop installation – The Shadows of the Clouds
Upshot-Knothole Grable – a replica of a nuclear explosion

Mark Quinn Artworks Photo Gallery

Matter into Light: The Discovery of Fire
Waiting for Godot

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